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  1. Crooked
    Today 12:08 AM
    Ahh, that sounds so tedious! I admitedly haven't updated my resume in a very long time, I should probably do so myself soon haha

    Haha, it gets worse! There's four Inklings and so they've all got names, Meg (for Megalodon), Skylar (for Scylla), Nessie (for Loch Ness Monster) and Levvy (for Leviathan). Plus, the boys (little as I care for them), Iggy (Itchyosaurus), Moses (Mosasaurus) and Champ (Lake Champlain Monster). Still one boy name short, but the default Octoling is Carrie (Charybdis) to complement Skylar. I think I put too much time into this lol

    More like shaving her outfit off her body haha, but I agree!

    Hmm, I'm not a big fan of F/M usually but I might be able to feature Young Link at some point - will have to see how the thread progresses!
  2. Crooked
    Yesterday 08:59 PM
    Likewise, here's my continuation haha. Should Inkling have a name? The one I usually give to the Smash Inkling is Meg (short for Megalodon naturally) or Skylar (as in Scylla. I am way too obsessed with puns lol) but if you have a different name/prefer just to call her 'Inkling,' that's fine too~
  3. Crooked
    Yesterday 08:57 PM
    No problem! Been a quiet weekend for myself so I've been getting work done while I have the chance anyway~

    Yep! They have a gallery on AOTK here but post more on DeviantArt

    Fourteen's fine by me! Up to you~

    I bet she does, then! I'm not sure if Samus would burn it though just because that's a hazard of burning Cereza herself (not even sure that'd hurt her though lol) though it is kind of funny to picture her with a razor or something haha. We can just say Bayo has her own way of removing it~

    Perfect!! Do you want the thread to largely focus on Samus and Bayonetta then and their interactions with other characters like Inkling?
  4. Hyrulianhero
    March 23rd, 2019 07:40 PM
    Hey pal! It's bran awhile!
    Interested in resuming our it Tracks RP?
  5. Crooked
    March 22nd, 2019 07:38 PM
    SeaGulliver's art style is just so adorable! I want to pinch all of their cheeks!

    I do get that, and it's kinda silly that ZSS's final smash is just giving her her power armor back and firing a zero laser from a different perspective. Since armored Samus is terrible and Zero Suit Samus is decent I think I see why they don't do it that way anymore haha

    A punk, but she is still a young'un! Inklings are only 14 (though maybe we could age this one up some) so maybe she'd just be in the habit of it - how that's handled is up to you~

    Hm, can't Bayonetta remove all her clothes? I'm speaking with no prior knowledge here but I know she can at least strip herself when she's doing those giant-hand-attacks. I won't pretend to know how her hair works but we can bend the rules some haha. Honestly, as disrespectful to her as it feels, I really like the idea of Samus having a secret super submissive side in the bedroom~

    That, and the giant hands make way for a lot of extra kinky stuff~
  6. Crooked
    March 22nd, 2019 02:04 AM
    Wooh, sorry about this late reply - but here's a little throwback for you~

    Haha, I suppose there's no reason she couldn't, now that Pokemon Trainer's back! I like her as a separate character though

    Uh, a giant falling clocktower piece, I guess? Ahaha, I've never played Bayonetta so I didn't know if she even had a home or not~

    Yeah, that's perfect! In that case, do you want me to be Samus and you Inkling for this first scene? And don't worry, I'll say something but I'm sure you won't go too far haha.

    Come to think of it's kind of a cute idea that Inkling calls Samus and Bayonetta her 'mom's,' which is a title Samus hates but Bayonetta encourages just because she knows how much it bothers Sam haha
  7. Crooked
    March 15th, 2019 08:16 PM
    It took me way too long to realize myself haha

    Yep! And she has definitely got a learning curve to her. I don't just play Inkling, though, I also main Ridley, and I've dabbled in Samus, Dark Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Duck Hunt, King K. Rool, Bowser, Robin, Palutena, Zelda, Daisy, Mr. Game & Watch, Wii Fit Trainer... I can't stop picking up characters haha

    Great! The way I like to write the 'house setting' generally is that instead of every character having 'rooms,' their doors in the Smash manor are just direct portals to their actual universe houses. So Link's would go to his treehouse, Samus' to her ship, Palutena's to her Skyworld temple, etc.

    Up to you! I love both these characters so it's too hard for me to choose, whichever you'd like to take more is fine by me. Although how do you feel about ships? Because I'm always in love with Samus x Bayonetta but if that doesn't interest you we can leave it out haha
  8. Crooked
    March 12th, 2019 09:58 PM
    During any Smash game pre-Ultimate I practically never shielded (so much my brother made a joke out of it) and I have no idea how I ever played like that haha.

    Snake is so rough! Every game I think I'm doing okay and then I here 'There!' and suddenly my poor Inkling is getting blown to high hell haha

    I've never played Shantae myself, just know she's popular around here. Anyway, Inkling getting in trouble for painting on the walls is such a clever and fitting idea, I love it~ Do you want to run with the usual head cannon of every Smash character living under the same roof?
  9. Crooked
    March 10th, 2019 03:39 PM
    I think you're talking about Link Between Worlds - but that was actually a 3DS release!

    I keep messing up the side special spinning hammer attack, because I keep forgetting you're put into free-fall after using it off a ledge. So I kill myself a lot, haha. Snake is never fun to fight, though!

    Well, with Spirits, there are just so many that I think the floor is really open to any characters from franchises represented in Smash, and even a few not in the game like Shantae~
  10. Crooked
    March 9th, 2019 10:02 PM
    Haha, the Wii U was notoriously poorly marketed lol. I can't even recall any games worth buying for it besides Sm4sh.

    They're only implied children, haha, but yes, they are siblings! Nana and Popo. The first four color alts let you play as Popo with Nana as back-up and the other four let you play Nana with Popo as back-up... I wish I knew how to play Ice Climbers lhaha

    Inkling is just such an easy character to find reasons to spank, haha~ if you're open to spirits or assist trophies then there's actually a lot of potential in Smash kids. Kat and Ana, Ashley, Octoling, Saria, Malon, Ruto, Kumatora, Paula, the list goes on~

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