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Numbuh 364

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  1. GloriousDeath
    Today 11:29 PM
    (It seems more of a Quint issue, since Bass turned out fine. Well outside of being cursed to be a mini-boss rather than a proper stage boss, but Proto Man suffers from that too)
  2. GloriousDeath
    Today 11:04 PM
    (To be fair Quint is kinda bad in canon, his only weapon is a glorified pogo stick.)
  3. GloriousDeath
    Today 10:43 PM
    I like the idea of Roll trying to fight against Quint.

    (Well, in my mind Hyper Roll isn't the most reliable thing, it quzzles power like crazy and when it's out of power Roll isn't exactly the most dangerous robotout there. Quint might not be as strong, but he's consistent and works 24/7)
  4. GloriousDeath
    Today 10:33 PM
    Well, here it can just be attributed to multiverse theory. They are the same, but also different enough.
  5. GloriousDeath
    Today 10:22 PM
    Well, he is essentially an alt timeline version. Here Dr.Light never met Rodrigo, so when Wily took control of Mega there was nobody to set him free, leaving him fully corrupted by the Wily Chip.
    Unfortunately for Wily, Mega ended up becoming a bit too evil, betroying the doctor and devastating the whole planet (as in a lot of ruins, it didn't explode). Now he uses the technology he created to travel to other timelines/dimension and destroying them to prove himself as the strongest robot in all dimensions.
  6. GloriousDeath
    Today 10:06 PM
    I kinda had a different backstory in mind for Quint to explain that.
  7. GloriousDeath
    Today 10:01 PM
    >Regroping on Earth, the doctors conclude that the only way to defeat the newly dubbed Evil Star is to create a robot powerful enough to destroy it - Gamma II
    >However, due to the lack of time, instead of an AI, Rodrigo has to pilot the machine into battle.
    >The battle of two titans begins and when it seems like Rodrigo will lose, the spirit of Duo (who had put all of his energy into the core of Gamma II) urges him to fight on, powering the mech up with Justice Energy
    >The fight ends with both Gamma II and Evil Star sent hurling into the sun while Rodrigo is left to drift in space. However, then Sunstar's remains arrive to bring him back down to Earth as his last (and only) act of good.
    >Rodrigo is then returned to Light Labs by Wily (only because Rodrigo rescued him from the Stardroids).
  8. GloriousDeath
    Today 10:00 PM
    >Now Rodrigo alongside Mega, Roll, Bass, Proto and even Wily (after he's freed) attempt to take down Nibiru, but it's too late, they manage to awaken their Ultimate Doomsday Weapon, Sunstar
    >Rodrigo and Sunstar fight and eventually it seems that Sunstar has lost, his core on a timer to explode due to the damage. However, at that moment Terra reappears, having survived his own suicide attack and alongside him a different survivor, the still functioning head of the Evil Energy Robot. Terra forces the two of them to fuse, creating a monstrocity that's just too strong to take down
    >Nibiru ends up sacrficing herself to help Rodrigo escape as the evil energy turns the entire Wily Star into a giant living robot
  9. GloriousDeath
    Today 09:47 PM
    >9 mostly goes the same until Wily reveals that while they were busy with him, a mysterious virus was spreading across robots all over the world. In the end it's revealed to be Wily spreading it through that Flying Shark robot, but in the process of stopping it Mega, Roll and Proto all get infected, forcing them into quarantine
    >this leaves Rodrigo (a human) the only one capable of dealing with Roboenza in 10. But Duo is immune due to the virus being based on Evil Energy and alonside King (using an experimental cure) they take down Wily in his space station
    >However, just as Wily is defeated, Terra and the Stardroids arrive, kidnapping the doctor and taking Duo out of comission.
    >After taking out the Stardroids bar Terra and Nibiru (a female Stardroid I came up with), Terra forces Rodrigo into a one-on-one battle. After which the Wily Star (now under Nibiru's control) shows up and under Terra's order attempts to destroy them both, with Rodrigo escaping
  10. GloriousDeath
    Today 09:38 PM
    >In 6 there's more focus on the tournament, with the Mega Man Killers entering as competitors alongside a few more robots
    >8 has Mega possesed by the remains of the Evil Energy Robot, so Rodrigo is forced to use Duo's power to fight him. EER is seemingly destroyed for good, but Wily still manages to aquire one last sample of Evil Energy.
    >& Bass happens afterwards, with King attempting to launch a robot uprising in response to the expiration law, when Wily reveals himself to be King's creator he unleashed the Genesis Unit, Wily Wars/Tower follows thereafter.

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