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Akuma April 7th, 2023 07:58 AM

Realism in AI Images
We have had complaints and agree that the AI generated images on our site have been getting too realistic, and too far away from the anime spirit of our website. Honestly, I should have put my foot down earlier, but the whole AI thing right now is in a gray area.

In light of the effort some of our users have been putting into trying to generate quality content, we won't be removing most of the current images, but we will be doing so for future images that are not in the anime spirit.

We also expect generated images to be of a certain quality content, and not look 3Dish or poser-ish.

Please remember its also considerate to include information about how you generated your images for our users.

Further, the AI generated image section will be moved below the non-resident artist section on our front page.

tackebong April 8th, 2023 05:07 PM

They're super fun to see though. Is there anywhere else we can see them?

Akuma April 10th, 2023 06:14 PM

TheMailman plans on posting his Patreon, or some other personal link, soon. Many authors provide external links like this in their image descriptions or forum profiles.

TheMailman April 11th, 2023 01:21 AM

I will still post images that are anime style here, but I will continue posting my current style in Pixiv:

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