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Lockhurst Military academy for girls was one of the best educational facilities in the country. As such it demanded excellence from all who entered it's doors. Misbehaving girls couldexpect to feel the stinging smack of the paddle for their erant ways, and many did.

However, Elizabeth, hunt or lizzy as she liked to be called, was the exception to this. She has never had so much as a verbal warning from her teachers. She has never even missed a day of school, except once last term when she was caught with a bad case of the flu. even then she attended class via speaker phone.

Even her friends, Victoria and Molly were just like her, perfect little angles on the fast track becaoming the lawyers, doctors and politcians they each wanted to be, and Quite Frankly, it pissed Casey off.

Casey was everything Lizzy and her friends were not. She was often late to class, her grades were barely passable and she had a mouth that would make her mother disown her. Lizzy and her freiends were sickenly goody two shoes to her. So she devised a plan.

Girls as good as Lizzy, Victoria and Molly, Casey figured had to be naive to the worlit shouldn't be hard. After she had figured out what she was goingto do, she put her plan in motion. She watied outside the lunch hall for Lizzy and her friends.

'Hey Lizzy come here for a second." Casey called out to her.

Lizzy and the other girls knew of Casey and her reputation so where somewhat shocked that she would call them over, but not to seem rude they obliged.

"Yes what is it Casey?" Lizzy asked clutching her studies tightly to her chest.

"I need help with something. You see I left my report on the ramifications and consequences of global empire in the administration building, I worked so hard on it and I don't want it to be fornothing. Will you please help me?" Casey asked innocently.

"But the administration building is off limits to students. How did you get it int here?" Lizzy asked.

"I had to see the headmistress earlier, and while I was waiting for him, I took it out to go over it, I must have laid it down and forgotten about it." Casey anwsered.

"I don't know how I can help you Casey, we can't go in there."

"Oh but we can. Thats why I asked for you to help me. I asked a teacher and she said that if I found a chaperone I could go and get it without getting in trouble. I figured you'd be the best chaperone around." Casey said.

"really?" Lizz asked tentivly.

"Yeah it's totally cool. Will you help me. I am trying to do better in school." Casey said playing her last card.

"I don't know about this Lizzy." Victoria said

"Yeah I have never heard of any one being allowed in the admin building." Molly chimed in.

"I don't think there is anything worry about girls. I mean I think Casey is telling the truth. Why else would sheseek us out."LIzzy said.

"Yeah I am trying to do better." Casey said.

"O.K. Casey we'll help. lead the way." Lizzy said dropping her guard.

"Good, follow me." Casey said with a sly grin.

The four girls walked to the admin buildng and went to the front door. They were met with a sign that said not student may enter without a prior appointment. But believing Casey's story, Lizzy, Victoria, Molly and Casey opened the door and walked in.

Casey led the way to the main office. it was deserted, just as Casey knew it would be this time of day. Deserted except for one person.

"where is your paper?" Lizzy asked.

Casey had backed against a door and stopped just as she felt it against her back.

"I don't know Lets try in here..." she said as she knocked on the door. The other girls didn't think anyting about it, then the door swung open.

Casey could tell her plan worked as the look of horror on the girls faces was priceless. Then a very stern voice learly said.

"You four girls in my office now."

"Yes headmistress." Casey anwsered.

The girls now found themselves in the headmistress's office. Victoria and Molly sat on a bench against the wall. Lizzy and Casey sat in chair in front of the headmistress's desk.

"Casey I could expect this behavior out of you. But Lizzy what made you think ofdoing this. you know the administration building is off limits?" the headmistress said.

"Casey said that she asked a teacher and she said that if she had a chaperone we could be in here to get her term paper." Lizzy explained.

"No teacher said that, I assure you. Casey made it up didn't you?"

"No I didn't a teacher did tell me that." Casey said nonchelantly.

"Which teacher then?" the headmistress demanded.

"Can't remember..."

"Right, of course. well in that case we come to the punishment part of this little talk." The headmistress sat with her head in her hands thin king for a moment before she spoke again.

"All right, Molly and Victoria you two will be given a verbal warning and put on probation."

"Casey you will get the paddle of course, thirty whacks, since since you have already been in here to take a spanking I have to do something that will hopefully make the message sink in, you will be nude."

"what you can't make me..."

"Yes I can. What are you gonna do about it!?" the headmistreees said raising her voice and standing up.

"Now to Lizzy. This is the hardest part as you are my best pupil. But you should have known better You will also be getting the paddle."

"What!?" Lizzy, Victoria, and Molly shouted.

"I know, but for you when the spanking is over it will be as if it never happened. nothing will be reported on your record, but to drive home the point that you need to be more mindfull of your souroundings, you will also recieve a bare bottom spanking."

Casey was smiling triumphantly, while Lizzy, victoria, and Molly sat dumbfounded. he headmistress meanwhile called in the assistant headmistress. then the headmistress, and her assistant went to the girls ad took them by the arms and stood them up.

Casey was stripped naked and then taken over the assistants knee. since there was only one paddle, Casey was being spanked with a hair brush.

Lizzy was stripped of her blue shirt and tie, then her green skirt. herbare bottom was now on display. She was then lead over the headmistresses knee, whimpering the whole time.

Lizzy yelped as the headmistress, placed the paddle gently against her rear in preparation. finally she rasied her hand and with a resounding clap, the wooden implement found it's mark on Lizzy's backside.

The girl shreiked with pain. Victoria and Molly sat bumbfounded. they had a clear view of the assualt on Lizzy's ass. yet they dare not say a word.

Casey's spanking also began at the same time. the two disciplinarians were masters of their craft. their spanking harmonized as they went about punishing the two girls. Lizzy was balling, her cries of pain echoing throughout the builidng. Casey n the other hand was used to it.

The Casey and Lizzy were positioned so that they were facing each other. Casey could see the pain and anguish in Lizzy's face. she was taken with a pang of guilt and compassion. not knowing why, she reached out and grabbed lizzy's hand.

"It's ok, just a little longer. It's almost over just hang in there." Casey tried to comfort the hysterical girl.

Finally the spanking stopped. Casey got upand put her cloths back on. The headmistress, put the padle down and helped Lizzy up gently.

"Now I want you girls to go your barracks and stay there the rest of the night. understood?" the headmistress, asked.

They all answered yes and left the building. as they walked out, Casey stopped the three.

"Look I'm sorry for getting you in trouble. I shouldn't have." Casey siad as she began to walk away.

"Wait." Lizzy sniffled. Casey stopped and turned around.

"It was cruel that you did what you did, but I want to say thank you for comforting me through it. and if you ever need any real help with your school work, You know where to find me." Lizzy said.

Casey smiled and nodded her head. "Yeah thanks." and she walked away.



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Date: Wed December 9, 2009
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Junior Member
Love the picture - especially Lizzy, something about the way you drew her really appeals to me.&nbsp; Excellent!<br>
#1 Sun December 13, 2009 05:24

Gold Member
Nothin' better than a double spanking! Great job, as always! SPANKS for the memories!
#2 Sat March 20, 2010 11:09

this pic. is very realistic..nice girls and expression face.
#3 Tue April 5, 2011 05:44

charles wilbourn
Gold Member
face to face, apparently comforting each other.
#4 Fri July 11, 2014 20:02

Diamond Stud
The Pouty Artist
Another well written story. I feel sorry for Lizzy, but I think she made a friend out of Casey and Casey will be better for it.

This is extremely well drawn. I can see that a lot of attention to detail was shown towards Lizzy's reaction to her first paddling and Casey's sudden guilt.
#5 Mon April 13, 2015 04:50

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