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The sharp smacks echoed from inside the tent. At least Tifa had the decentsy to take Yuffie somehwere private when she was to be punished. Still with the smaking and the girls unrelenting sobbing, everyone in the party knew what was going on.

"Yuffie How many times do we have to tell you not to touch our Materia?! It seems I tell you one thing and you do another! I"m really tired of it!" Tifa yelled as she continued spanking Yuffie.

"I'm sorry...Really. Really Really sorry!" Yuffie sobbed in between heaving breaths.

"I don't think you are. This will teach you!" Tifa said as she gave Yuffies up turned backside one more flourish before she got the girl up and drug her outside.

"Now I want you to go and find some fruit for us to eat and so help me god if I find you slacking." Tifa warnned as she sent Yuffie on her way. The rest of the party standing around tried not to make their attention to the episode noticable, for yuffie's sake anyway.

Yuffie was still sobbing as she made her way down the path, pulling up her pants as she went. She did not have to go far before she found a berry tree. She began picking some and muttering under her breath.

"I really wish I could spank Tifa for giving me so many spankings. *sniffle* Its not fair, who does she think she is? *sniffle*"

As she went aout her task, Yuffie thought she heard something in the bushes behind her. turning to look she saw nothing. Suddenly the once bright sunny day went cloudy and the air lowered in temperature. Yuffie was becoming conserned. She decided to pick a couple more berried before she stopped and turned around to go back to camp.

Then as she turned, a looming figure was standing in her way. He wore a black cloak open down the front. his silver hair cascading down his back. His sharp and strong features massive compared to her own frail body.

"Sephiroth!?" Yuffie gasped.

Yuffie dropped her berries and pulled out her Shuirkan. She threw it with all her might at the man standing in front of her. Seeming out of nowhere Sephiroth pulled his massive sword and deflected Yuffies attack. Yuffie, no unarmed turned to run. There was a loud crack and Sephiroth was now standing in front of her. Looking up into his glowing green eyes she cried out in fear.

"Please Don't hurt me!"

"Calm down. I"m not here to hurt you." He said in a comanding voice.

"then what do you want?" Yuffie stammered.

"To help. I heard your plea. your anguish cries out to me." Sephiroth said.

"What do you mean?" Yuffie asked not sure what to make of the situation.

"You want revenge, on Tifa for the way she treats you, the way she always spanks you."

"Yeah but..." Yuffie said.

"I can grant you your request. I have everything already set. all you have to do is take my hand." Sephiroth said extending his hand to the young girl.

At first Yuffie was reluctant to go with him. But she then thought that it was as exactly what Tifa would not want her to do. so she decided to go with Sephirtoh, besides as powerful as he is he must have some pre-mo materia he isn't using right off hand. So Yuffie took his hand.

There was another loud crack and the world went black. When her vision came back, Yuffie was standing in a dank, abandoned mansion.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"The shin-ra mansion"

"where is that?

"You will know in time. Come follow me." Sephiroth said as he led Yuffie down a stone stairwell.

The stairwell led to a room in the basment. Is was just as dank and musky as the first floor. it looked like it had not been used in years. At first Yuffie wasn't sure what was in the room.

"So how are you going to help me then?" Yuffie asked.

"There...in the middle of the room is what you desire." Sephirtoh said as he extended his hand to avert Yuffie's gaze.

There on a table in the middle of the room was Tiffa. she was bound with her breasts exposed and her skirt pulled down around her thigs exposing her woman-hood to the world. Her eyes were filled with tears and fear. Yuffie on the other hand was exstatic. She had Tifa exactly where she wanted her.

"How did you..." Yuffie asked

"I have more power than you can ever know. here you will need this." Sephiroth said handing Yuffie a long Whip, the sight of which made her eyes light up. Tifa on the other hand moaned with dread.

Yuffie looked up at Sephiroth who only extended his arm, offering Tifa, as his reply. Yuffie then took a position behind Tifa and began the whipping.

"This is for all the times you gave me spankings for nothing!" Yuffie yelled. The whip cracked though the air and found its home sharply against Tifa's bare ass. The bound girl let out a scream in reply.

"I think you enjoy giving me spankings!" *crack*

"Well I am enjoying this!" *crack*

When Yuffie looked back at Sephiroth to see if he approved, he was just standing in a corner of the room, a smirk on his face.

"well this will teach you!" *crack* *crack* *crack*

Yuffie stopped long enough to check her handi work. Tiffa's Bare ass was now red and welted. Yuffie ran her hand up Tifa's thighs, eventually rubbing her cunt and finding it moist.

"You like this do you? well have some more!" *crack* crack* *crack*

Again Yuffie stopped, only because she was tired. She could Hear Tifa sobbing with pain and humiliation. Again Yuffie went to here and ran her hand along Tifa's back.

"Tell me Tifa. what do you have to say for yourself now!?" Yuffie demanded.

Slowly Tifa turned her head and all of a sudden her face became angry. "Yuffie! Where are you with those Berries!?"

"What the ^%$#@!"

Again Tifa yelled at her. "Yuffie Where are you!"

Yuffie turned her head and looked at Sephiroth who nodded and then vanished. The room went black once more.

Yuffie felt her self get drug to her feet as the bright warm sunny day came back into focus.

"Yuffie what did I just tell you!?" Tifa yelled


"I said go find some berries and do not let me catch you slacking off. Your gone for hours and when we come looking for you we find you asleep under a tree. What is wrong with you!?" Tifa yelled again.

"What no...Sephiroth came and then he took me to....you where there and I..." Yuffie stammered.

"I what Yuffie?" Tifa demanded.

It was then Yuffie realized it was all a dream. Nothing had happened. she did exactly what Tfa told her not to do and slacked off. now she was caught.

"Ugh huh. that what I thought. come here!" Tifa said as she drug Yuffie over an over turned tree log. Tifa lowered Yuffies shorts and then took off her belt.

"No Tifa Please! I'm sorry!"

"Appearantly your not. I don't enjoy this Yuffie but you leave me no choice. since yo unever got it through your head with my hand I guess I"m gonna have to use my belt from now on." Tifa said as she held Yuffie down over the log.

In camp the sounds of the punishment could be heard in the distance. Cloud walked over to Vincent and handed him five Gil.

"I told you she would screw up." Vincent said...



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Date: Thu March 18, 2010
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Gold Member
Hehe, great ^^
and a nice twist to finish it off for the poor gal
#1 Thu March 18, 2010 02:36

Demonic princess
Really great story and situation, was very funny ! Do more FFXII stories ! ^^
#2 Thu March 18, 2010 12:03

Fool Emeritus
Erm... that's actually FFVII
#3 Thu March 18, 2010 13:45

Demonic princess
Erm... that's actually FFVII
Eeeer...yes, i knew it i just did a mistake ^-^
Anyway, revenge stories are always fun !
#4 Thu March 18, 2010 20:55

Fool Emeritus
Eeeer...yes, i knew it i just did a mistake ^-^
We can't have that, can we?
*Gets the hairbrush out* Mina, sweetie, come here a moment... ^^
#5 Fri March 19, 2010 01:26

The Oscar
#6 Fri March 19, 2010 16:17

Rumple's naughty bundle
Really coool. Indeed. And I like Sephiroth being in. Lol he would be a great spanker too
#7 Fri March 19, 2010 19:27

VIP Donator
great story
#8 Fri March 19, 2010 21:38

charles wilbourn
Gold Member
a very humiliating position.
#9 Fri July 11, 2014 20:11

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