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A couple of things that might be helpful... ^^ I would not pretend to give drawing or anatomy lessons, but this is really basic stuff you should know if you’re thinking of starting computer-assisted art.

I know, the pic is huge, sorry for that xD

Links to the programs I mentioned:
The Gimp: http://www.gimp.org/
Photofiltre: http://photofiltre.en.softonic.com/
Artweaver: http://www.artweaver.de/
DrawPlus: http://www.serif.com/free-graphic-design-software/
Paint.net: http://paintnet.org/

Online ones:

Sumopaint: http://www.sumopaint.com
Pixlr: http://www.pixlr.com/
Splashup: http://splashup.com/
Phoenix (click the ‘image editor’ button): http://www.aviary.com/home

I’m more than happy to help anyone wanting advice or feedback, just send me a PM

p.s.: don’t use .jpg



Registered: April 2007
Posts: 612
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Date: Thu December 30, 2010
Views: 5,039
Tags: 11
Filesize: 719.5kb
Dimensions: 1366 x 1222
Keywords: software tutorial

Whats your suggestion for manga studio debut 4?
#1 Thu December 30, 2010 00:29

It's a good program, but not free, thus why I didn't really include it in there (I'm not gonna list them all ^^). I don't know anyone using it regularly, but from what I experienced and articles I've seen in ImagineFx and other magazines it's good. Then again, at a beginner's or even intermediary level, I don't think you need to shell out 50 bucks when free software will perform as good. Difference may be in the advanced functions, but that's not something you'll need for a while when you begin.
#2 Thu December 30, 2010 00:42

VIP Donator
Awesome information. I could draw some way back in HS and have some decent items. Actually framed some. Today if I tried, ahhhh, never tried a computer though. So actually thanks for the tips! And while I manage to successfully make icons for work in 32x32 and even worse 16x16, I never dreamed of trying to use Paint. I use it for 2 things only 1 - quick and dirty way to select part of an image and paste it and move it around the overall image size and 2 - to convert a 256-color image to 16-bit color image.
#3 Thu December 30, 2010 01:08

Senior Member
Rak thank you for the info I draw a little but never could on the computer at least not people.
#4 Thu December 30, 2010 01:59

Excellent advice!
#5 Thu December 30, 2010 02:03

Gentleman Spanker
Actually pretty good advise, I'd never draw because I'd give up about 2 months into practicing, but you do give a lot of great advise for people who do want to do it. Well done good sir, well done. And for the record, most people not knowing good art would accept the nine minute photoshop doodle as a good.
#6 Thu December 30, 2010 04:07

-gives nice comment and rates 10-

No, really. There's a lot of good advice there! I might add that even if you're not happy with it, but you still obviously put a lot of work into it, post anyway, because lots of people here and elsewhere will willingly give you concrit as long as you can take it. (:

Hell, some people are concrit whores. -coughs-

Ugh, jpeg. Painful stuff. Years and years ago, when I was new to the internet and to art and graphics in general, I asked why when I saved the picture, it turned into...that creature. A friend told me, and so...it's really simple to go to .png. Really, there's no excuse even for people who demand to stick to MS Paint.

I'll be honest, I've seen some wicked art in Paint, so I won't entirely condemn it. It takes practice to really use it with skill, but I've seen a few rare people really use it in a very AWESOME way. Cross being one of those people, actually.

Still, it's not the best program for the lazy. Like ME. xD It takes dedication and time, and for anyone who wants anti-aliased lines, Paint's hardly the program one is going to want. :'D

Thanks for pointing out the stuff about practicing, too! Good artists have worked very hard at what they do, and not saying they WORKED HARD discredits all their effort. People need to stop thinking a miracle is going to happen and they'll suddenly be good at drawing. xD Once upon a time, I was stupid enough to believe that I just never had any skill in me, and what I actually lacked was the effort and time it took to learn. :'D

So if any aspiring artists are looking at this: DO NOT BELIEVE YOU CAN'T DO IT. JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT AND KEEP WORKING HARD AT IT. Don't say you're not talented like others. They've worked hard, mmkay?

I had to add that, because really, I think it's a huge flaw that keeps a lot of people from trying. ):
#7 Thu December 30, 2010 04:09

Very true, we all start with stick figures and awful stuff, but it's all hard work, and getting better day by day. Practice, practice, practice, it's the only way! I think taking a look back into the artists' galleries can help see the sometimes gianormous evolution going on.

And I firmly believe that with enough time, work and dedication anybody can draw. But not anyone has that time and will to practice, I guess ^^
#8 Thu December 30, 2010 12:58

Silent Runner
I still use JPEG. I like killing kittens.
#9 Thu December 30, 2010 13:04

You are wroooooong ^^
#10 Thu December 30, 2010 15:31

Awsome thx!!!
#11 Thu December 30, 2010 16:26

VIP Donator
Maybe Ai should post it on the top of gallery page or something...
P.S. Even if you're too strict about JPEG.
#12 Thu December 30, 2010 18:07

Roleplayer and Artist :3
Very good and useful, especially for beginners

While RobM's crirticism is always honest and to the point, sometimes I rather think it's akin to burning an artist at a stake on the spot when it pops out of the blue so it's nice to have a tutorial which shows all the same (correct) points, while being a bit less intimidating.
Here's hoping that people heed teh advice too. and especially good work on showing us all the free art programs : i had no idea that half of those existed.
*thumbs up*
#13 Thu December 30, 2010 19:42

@Jinchu: Yes, I'm too strict about it, it all depends on the compression rate one uses, this is why Aprion's pics look fine, for instance; but most beginners wouldn't think about it and screw it up, so better safe than sorry.
Whitout high compression rates, jpg has no advantage over png anyway (png is a lossless compression format), since filesize is as big, and png has transparency and alpha-channel support.
#14 Thu December 30, 2010 19:48

JPEG is also okay for art that is drawn on paper and scanned. PNG filesizes are often huge for scanned art, and you aren't really gaining anything. Compression isn't such an issue here.
#15 Thu December 30, 2010 23:54

I would disagree on that, a compressed PNG won't be that big and a really smaller jpg will degrade the picture. It was developed for photos really (and even there it makes a shitty job). Even the people who invented it want to get rid of it (thus jpeg2000 and the others).
#16 Fri December 31, 2010 01:59

i know where you can download sai for free you can just look on youtube type in "sai easy paint tool for free" and it should be the first video
#17 Fri December 31, 2010 19:10

~Sweet British Cyanide~
I'm glad to see people arn't assuming my commenting and criticism was just in it for the lulz.

Time was - and will be again, I hope - when I was the most prolific and dedicated commentor on this site and felt like punching myself when I had little more to say than "Nice!" which is as unhelpful as it is bland. People who spend hours (more like days) on thier work deserve recogition and support and those who spend ten minutes creating a stickman drawing deserve to have it pointed out that they should have more pride than to post crap.

Guides and tutorials are very useful things, I use them all the time, they are great assistants to 'time' issues. Personally, I'm about 40% Artistic Skill and 60% Technical Skill. Which means I'm heavily compensating my lack of drawing ability with using photoshop and the like to assist.
Compensation is all it is though, enough to smooth the wrinkles - it doesn't substitute months of practise with both pencils and programs as part of the process of learning to draw!
#18 Fri December 31, 2010 21:17

Milk Drinker
Great! Hopefully there will be lots of improvement because of this. It's really sad there is no any concrit in comments here. I wish I could post my own.
#19 Sat January 1, 2011 21:34

Well of course you can, though it's a commercial product and you need quite a huge pile of money to get it

Piracy is a debate for another time and place, but yeah, if you can use photoshop, it's one of the very best programs around (and the one I use)
#20 Fri January 18, 2013 01:45

With all due respect

DO ANY of these painting software come with curved line tool? Makes draw a lot easier for me since I can't afford an art pad yet .
#21 Sun February 15, 2015 21:24

GIMP certainly does, I'd need to check for the others, but probably, yeah
#22 Sun February 22, 2015 20:50

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