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This one goes out to the very very amazing http://lovespk86.deviantart.com/ who was incredibly patient and cooperating after my 6 months of hiatus. Again, I apologize for not finishing this up earlier!
This drawing stars none other than lovespk86 himself and his girlfriend and with special guest Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, where he ends up as a disciplinarian on a certain English school...
This story was an absolute [insert generic swear word] to write, but fortunately (after a long, long, loooong time) I think I came up with something that I am happy with. It takes place after the Battle for Hogwarts and the defeat of Voldemort. More will be explained in the story below!
Can you imagine an official sequel like this? Emma Watson getting taken over the knee, spanked and diapered.... But I digress.

I want to thank lovespk86 for his incredible patience and cooperation with this request! He granted me permission for some stuff that really helped me with this one.
Respecting loveskp86's and his girlfriend's privacy they will be addressed in this story as the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend.

(NOTE: I haven't been keeping up with the Harry Potter books since, like, Order of the Phoenix or something (which I read like a million years ago) and I haven't watched the movies for quite a while either, so please excuse me for any inconsistencies! I'm trying to fill any gaps from my memory with information from the wikia, but probably still some minor details will slip through, so I hope it won't break your immersion too much! Still, I hope you enjoy my fanfic trash! :P)

__________________________________________________ ____________

He saw the lush green pastures of the English countryside passing him by. It was strangely comforting and it made him feel drowsy, and he would have fallen asleep were it not for the rhytmic noise of the traintracks passing under him.
In his mind the Boyfriend replayed the events of the past couple of months. After five years of hard work he had finally received his degree as a Master Disciplinarian at the renowned Kane University of Discipline And Administering. His professors always praised him for using unorthodox methods of discipline, like incorporating diapers in the punishment routine and he had always received good grades. This made him hope he'd find a well-paid job relatively soon.

Unfortunately for the Boyfriend, the opposite happened. Sure, he did land a couple of freelance jobs from desperate mothers who wanted to get their rebelling teens back in line, but nothing really permanent, and soon he was forced to take a boring desk job at some generic administration office so he could afford to pay the rent and bills.
One day however, on a grey and dreary Sunday, he received a letter. Nothing out of the ordinary ofcourse, except for the fact that there should be no post on sundays and for the fact that this letter looked like it came from a completely different time period. A bloodred wax seal prevented any nosey peekers from looking inside the enveloppe, and the enveloppe and the letter itself seemed to have been made out of parchment.
The most curious of all was the contents of the letter. It was written by a certain headmistress of a some sort of private school in the United Kingdom.
The letter told him about a recent crisis in the school, which left the building in a state of disrepair and during this time of renovation they needed a firm hand to keep the students in line, especially after nearly a decade of turmoil.
The Boyfriend couldn't tell from the contents of the letter what exactly had happened, but he could tell from the tone of the letter that the Headmistress was becoming desperate. He was even offered housing at the school and even the travel expenses would all be taken care of. An expert disciplinarian like the Boyfriend would probably help save the school.
He discussed the issue with his Girlfriend. At first they found it extremely suspicious to say the least. On the internet they couldn't find anything about this 'Hogwarts' at all or the 'Minerva McGonagall' who signed the letter. In the end they decided to take the risk and move to the United Kingdom. After all, the Girlfriend had always wanted to visit England, and this was the least the Boyfriend could do after all the mess he got them into the last couple of months.
From that point on, everything started to get more weird. No, that was not the correct term. Everything started to get more magical. At King's Cross Station in London they met a gigantic man, with a big bushy black beard, who guided them through a solid brick wall to a platform where an enormous steampowered train was waiting for them.
The man, who had introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid, told them that bringing 'Muggles' into the 'magical world' was an extremely rare exception, and that he was not allowed to answer any questions. The Boyfriend and the Girlfriend just had to accept every strange and wondrous things they saw as everyday and normal occurences.

That didn't keep the both of them from gasping when they finally saw the castle looming over the horizon. It was like a castle from a fairytale. More than a dozen tall, broad towers crowned the building that stood proudly next to a crystal-clear blue lake. Even though some of the towers were barely more than ruins, the sight still was a feast for the eyes.

They arrived at a small train station, somewhere in the woods not far from the castle and they were taken to the school in carriages, which were apparently driving on its own, without horses.
They were let out at one of the side entrances of the building, and the Girlfriend was escorted by elf-life creatures to her chambers, while the Boyfriend was led by Hagrid to a side door. The small set of stairs led to a large door, and in front of it stood a woman, probably in her sixties. She was almost the perfect stereotype of a proper witch, were it not for her kind and warm eyes.
"You must be the Disciplinarian, I presume!" she said, while reaching for the Boyfriend's hand. "I am Headmistress Minerva McGonagall."
"Nice to meet you," the Boyfriend said, a bit distracted by the grandeur of the place.
"Thank you, Hagrid. I'll take it from here," she said to the groundskeeper, "Please, follow me to the Great Hall."
He followed her through the halls of the castle, while she explained the past events.
"We have had a rough couple of years to say the very least," McGonagall explained, "After my predecessor passed, I had taken it upon myself to guide this school into more prosperous times." She sighed. "However, the past years have quite taken a toll on both the students and the teachers, I am afraid. I have never seen more detentions being passed out by our professors and we can barely keep the students in line. They need a guiding hand."
Her gaze met the Boyfriend's. "A firm hand, even."
They arrived at the Great Hall, which did honour to its name. It was almost as big as a small airplane hangar and the ceiling was painted like the sky outside. Was it actually painted? He couldn't tell. The room was lit by hundreds of floating candles and four large tables divided the room in what seemed like four houses. He assumed they were this school's equivalent of sorority's and fraternity's or something like that.
"Now," McGonagall continued, "We have not actually officially announced that we would introduce a disciplinarian this year, so it might come to a shock to the students. Please, don't feel personally assaulted if they resent you."
"I understand," the Boyfriend said, "I see this a lot in my line of work. It just takes a little while to get used to proper discipline."
McGonagall gave him a nod of understanding and not too long after the first students entered the Great Hall.
Apparently they were going to have some sort of beginning-of-the-year ceremony. He took a seat at the table at the end of the hall, next to his Girlfriend, who had also arrived. He couldn't quite tell what the colour of the dress was she was wearing. Everytime he looked at it, it seemed to change into one of the four colours that represented the houses.
After a short speech by the Headmistress, the First-Years approached the small stool in front of their table. A hat was put on their head, and a disembodied voice seemed to divide them up in one of the four houses. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, he learned.
After the sorting ceremony was over, McGonagall stood up once again and tapped her knife on her goblet to get the attention of the students.
"First of all, I'd like to welcome all the new students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'd also like to make an announcement. As you may have noticed, the Battle of Hogwarts did not leave us without scars, both physically and mentally. I know a lot of you are missing the people we lost and I know a lot of you feel confused and saddened by these... events. It can be seen in the general behaviour of you, the students. However, even with these scars we carry, we have to move on. And to help us with that, the professors and I have decided to introduce a disciplinarian to Hogwarts."
The hall was already quiet, with the students listening to McGonagall's speech, but the silence became even more apparent when the revelation was made. A small murmuring passed among the students and fingers were pointed and gazes were cast at the obvious new face at the professor's table, the Boyfriend.
"We know we have been lenient in the past with discipline and punishments, however, after the recent crisis, we agreed this was the best option. This man will take the heavy responsibility of administering discipline to you, our students, whenever our professors or our staff deem a punishment is in order. If you happen to earn yourself a Punishment Parchment, you need to report directly after class at your assigned disciplinarian. The Boyfriend will take care of the punishing of the female population, while the Girlfriend will take care of the male population's discipline, starting tomorrow!"
A disagreeing muttering went through the hall, with especially the older students bewildered at the thought of discipline, but quickly went silent after McGonagall raised her voice again.
"Now, enough talk of discipline and punishment. Let's eat!" She clapped her hands twice and out of nowhere a feast appeared on the tables.

When they retreated to their rooms, the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend noticed their offices had already been furnished with all the equipment they needed. On the wall there were racks lined with several types of canes, paddles and straps and there were tables with all kinds of strange brewings and salves, apparently soothing ointments, but the Girlfriend also noticed pieces of ginger shaped like a plug and bars of soap.
The Boyfriend even discovered a changing table in his room, complete with baby wipes, packs of diapers and powder. It seemed like McGonagall had been keeping track of his disciplining methods over the past couple of months. He promised himself he would save the changing table for the worst cases.
That night in bed the two discussed the events of that day and all the strange and magical things they had seen, and how they felt about their new home and their new jobs. The Girlfriend admitted that she felt a bit nervous for her job as a disciplinarian, as she didn't get a degree like the Boyfriend did. He assured her that she would do a great job.
They kissed and both went to sleep, wondering what the next day would bring.

The Boyfriend was woken up by a knocking on the door. He looked outside the window and noticed the sun was already high in the sky. He cursed himself for oversleeping, but then he noticed that his Girlfriend had already left. Apparently she let him sleep. It had been a long day for the both of them the day before.
He quickly got dressed and answered the door. In front of him was pale-blond haired, late-year girl from what appeared to be Slytherin. She had that kind of snobby, 'whatever' attitude you see so much in teenage girls nowadays. She handed him a Punishment Parchment. His eyes skimmed the letters. Apparently she overslept and missed an entire class. He didn't feel much for making her known about his hypocrisy, so he quickly went to work.
He ordered the Slytherin girl to hang her robes on the coatrack on the wall.
"Why would I," she asked.
The Boyfriend liked it when they did smartass things like this. According to the things he was taught, he was now allowed to fully start administering the discipline.
He walked over to her, grabbed her arm and dragged her to the stool in the middle of the room.
"H-h-eeyyy...what is...?" and before she knew what was going on, the Boyfriend had thrown her over his lap. He quickly undid her skirt, lowered her cotton laced panties and revealed a pale bottom. He raised his hand and began to do his work. In a matter of minutes the white skin was turning into a beautiful rose red under the Boyfriend's spanks and quickly the girl ceased her protesting and kicking and accepted her fate.
Fifteen minutes later, which the Boyfriend deemed a suitable punishment for this case, he let her back on her feet and let her do her dance.
After she was done, he ordered her to stand in the corner as he signed the Punishment Parchment.
It felt great to be back in the business.

During that morning several other girls arrived at his office. One was from Gryffindor, also late for class, there were another three from Slytherin, who were caught sneaking off the school grounds while they were supposed to be in class and one very shy Hufflepuff girl, who was caught by a teacher pleasuring herself in the bathroom.
The Boyfriend all punished them accordingly. The Gryffindor girl got a firm, bare-bottomed handspanking, he ordered the Slytherin girls to touch their toes so he could adjust their attitude with the cane and the Hufflepuff girl got spanked over his knee with the paddle.
And just before lunchbreak he had a nice arrangement of redbottomed, sorry girls standing in the corner of his office.

During lunch, the Boyfriend and the Girlfriend discussed their jobs and told eachother the punishments they had to administer. Apparently the Girlfriend had more 'customers' than the Boyfriend did that morning. At least five boys from Slytherin, three from Ravenclaw and three from Gryffindor. They laughed about eachother's stories about how each of the students reacted. The Boyfriend told her about the impressive spanky dance the Slytherin girl did, and told about the shy Hufflepuff girl who refused to drop her panties at first. The Girlfriend told him about a couple of boys who failed to hide their erection while she was scolding them, and made their faces redder than she could ever make their bottoms.

After lunch break they both returned to their offices. What was waiting for him there surprised the Boyfriend. It was another girl waiting for him, but this one seemed older than the girls he had to deal with earlier that morning. She was a gorgeous brunette, perhaps 19 or 20 years old, with chestnut-brown eyes. She looked him straight in the eye and handed him her Punishment Parchment and entered his office, leaving him at the door, standing there baffled with the parchment in his hand. He read the parchment. It was quite a list of offenses. Bad attitude against the teachers, bad attitude against the staff, slacking off during class, not appearing for Potions class and it went on and on like that. Her last offense was her being caught while sneaking into the tower where they kept the owls, to send letters to her boyfriend. She had quite the attitude alright, this Hermione Granger. A note scribbled at the bottom of the parchment said something about her missing her friends, which made her rebellious and defiant.

He entered his office, and what he saw there surprised him even more. The girl was standing next to one of the oaken tables, folding her panties and skirt neatly and putting them aside on the table. When she was finished, she turned towards the Boyfriend, her arms crossed, giving him an unobscured view of her naked lower half.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" She asked him, "Let's get it over with."
The Boyfriend couldn't stand this kind of attitude and stormed towards her, which actually made Ms Granger jump a bit, and pulled her across his knee.
Before too long his palm landed time after time on the girl's naked buttocks. The rhytmic spanks didn't seem to get a visual reaction from her, except for a few silent grunts and moans. The Boyfriend increased the strength and speed of his blows, hoping to get her out of the defiant attitude. And it actually began to work. As her bottom reddened, her feet couldn't keep from kicking and a few sobs escaped her mouth.
As the punishment continued, his hand became more and more tired. After a couple of final spanks, he let her back up and ordered her to fetch the hairbrush that was hanging from one of the racks. He admired his handywork as her waving hips slowly made their way to the wall. When she returned, he got another good view of her nether regions, shaven bare and smooth.
He dragged her once again over his lap and began colouring her bottom to an even deeper red than before with the hairbrush. This time though, the girl actually yelped after the first blow and by the next blow, she was already crying and sobbing, apologizing and trying to tell him she had learned her lesson. As the pleading for him to stop continued, so did the spanking. The Boyfriend did exactly what he learned at Kane University of Discipline and Administering. The hairbrush went from left cheek to right cheek, keeping up the rhytmic pace, and made sure not to exclude her thighs, and even the inside of her thighs, from the discipline.
At the end of the spanking Ms Granger was barely more than a little child over his lap that was trying to tell him how sorry she was and how she would never do it again. He let her cry over his lap for a minute, and then helped her back up on her feet and dragged her to a sink.
The Boyfriend grabbed a bar of soap, made sure to make it soapy under the streaming water and proceeded to use the soap to cleanse her mouth of her bratty attitude. She struggled, but the tight grip of the Boyfriend's hand in her neck made sure she stayed in place.

After that, he sent her to the corner where plenty of girls before her had stood. The Boyfriend started to make the preparations for the next stage of the punishment. He ripped open the plastic pack and grabbed a disposable diaper from it. Even though he had ordered her to stand in the corner with her nose to the wall, he noticed that she couldn't refrain from peeking at what was waiting for her.

"Miss Granger, you can come out of the corner now," the Boyfriend ordered.
Hermione seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and walked towards the neatly folded panties and skirt that were still waiting for her on the table.
"Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?" he said.
"I...I wanted to get dressed...I though..."
"Did you think your punishment was already over? I didn't think so." He tapped on the open diaper that was lying open on the changing table. "Now come over here."

Her face became bright red. "N-n-n-ooo please sir," she pleaded, "I learned my lesson. I will never do it again. I don't need more punishment."
"I wasn't suggesting for you to come over here, Miss Granger," the Boyfriend said, "If you don't come over here this instant, I will feel forced to put you over my knee again."
She whined and moaned, but the Boyfriend's face made her realize that there was no escaping.
Reluctantly she approached.
"Now, get yourself on the diaper and I will do the rest for you." He ordered. With satisfaction he watched the girl do exactly as she was told, lifting herself on the diaper, sobbing out of embarrasment and desperately trying to not look him the eyes.
"Lie down" and once again, Miss Granger did as she was told, her legs dangling of the side and her feminine secrets on full display. He grabbed the powder and sprinkled it over here diaper region, making sure to rub it in as well.
"Legs up." He ordered, and she lifted her legs. He grabbed her ankles and powdered her bottom as well, the poor girl ofcourse dying out of shame.

While he was changing Hermione into diapers, the door flew open. This caught him off guard, as he had made clear that he liked his privacy during discipline sessions, but in the doorway stood McGonagall with a tight grip around the Girlfriend's arm.
"The groundskeeper found her outside, near the greenhouses, smoking!" she yelled. "I am sorry, but this is unacceptable, even for disciplinarians."
The Girlfriend's face was as red as a tomato.
"I am so sorry for her behaviour, I am sure it won't happen again," the Boyfriend exclamated, still a bit baffled by the scene in front of him.
"I am sure of it as well," McGonagall said. She glanced at the girl on the changing table. Hermione turned her head away. "I see you are dealing with Miss Granger as I had hoped. I assume you will treat your Girlfriend accordingly." And with those words she left. The Girlfriend embarrassingly stared at her feet.

The Boyfriend quickly continued changing Miss Granger, fastened the diaper around her waist and with a slap on the bottom sent her to the corner. He then turned to his Girlfriend.

"Are you alright? What were you thinking? Since when do you smoke?" He wasn't quite sure what questions he was supposed to ask first. The last person he had expected to stand in his office was his Girlfriend.
"I - I am so sorry. I don't do it often, j-just ... It was a long and stressfull day...I - I needed a break" she stuttered.
"Don't you realize you are jeopardizing both our jobs here?"
"I'm sorry. I didn't expect to get c-caught. Please don't be too hard for me! I'm sorry."

He put his hands on his head and sighed. He didn't want to hurt her, but he had to make an example.
"Listen, I can't let you go, and I will make the punishment as bearable as possible, but you do understand I have to do this, right?"
She nodded.
"Do what you have to do."

As he did with the other students earlier this day, he removed her skirt and slowly lowered her panties, leaving her naked from the waist down, a sight all too familiar to him. He sat down on the stool and gestured at her to come over his knees.
She nervously lowered herself over his lap, motioning her bottom upwards in such a way that it made a clear target. He smiled. He was proud of her. She knew what she was doing.
"Are you ready?" He asked.
She nodded.

He then once more started the rhytm that had been present in his office that entire day. Spank after spank landed on her firm round buttocks. She was not as defiant as Miss Granger was and soon enough she was a kicking, wriggling, bawling mess over his lap. He couldn't deny that it was somehow very pleasant seeing her move like that on his lap, and he suddenly realized that seeing her over his knees with a warm bottom was something he secretly always had wanted to see. He made sure not to do half work, finishing the spanking off with the hardest spanks he had given today, which left the Girlfriend crying out loud.
After he let her calm down for a bit, the Boyfriend picked her up and put her down on the changing table. He grabbed a cooling ointment from one of the many salves in the cabinet, lifted up his Girlfriend's legs and began applying the cream to her bruised bottom. She sighed and cooed and seemed to be relieved. He grabbed another diaper, slid it under her hips and fastened it. After a passionate kiss he sent her off to the corner, to stand next to Miss Granger.
He let out a sigh of relief and made himself fall down in one of the soft chairs that were standing around his office. This afternoon had been physically and emotionally exhausting, and he had never craved for a coffee more than now.
He stood up, stretched his back and opened the door.
"And no talking or rubbing." He told the two girls, "If I find out, you'll be sorry."
He closed the door and as he turned around, he noticed the line of girls standing in front of his office, each one looking more nervous than the next and each holding a piece of parchment in their head.

He turned around and invited the first girl inside.
That coffee would be for another time...

__________________________________________________ ____________

Sooo, not really related to anything, but I feel like I have been running out of music that I can listen to while I write or draw. Usually I listen to calm and soothing music like Enya or Dan Gibson's Solitudes. So if anyone has anyone suggestions, please send it, I can always use more music.

And please, if you want to tell me anything at all, a compliment, critique, a comment or just a random story you once heard, please don't refrain from sending me a message!
You can always contact me via DeviantArt, or you can add me on Skype if you like it more up close and personal. My username is the same as the one I use on DeviantArt! I am looking forward to it!

Again, hope you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all next time!

Mitch after Midnight

Victorian Vampire

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Lizardopholus Pervi
I really like this - can't say I'm a big Harry Potter fan but there are surprisingly few Hogwarts spankings on this site so well done for getting this out there.

PS. Try the album 'Laid' by James - I still find it inspiring after 20-odd years.
#1 Mon August 3, 2015 12:34

Mitch after Midnight
Victorian Vampire

Thank you so much ^^ I'll definitely check it out!
#2 Sun August 16, 2015 14:47

This is definitely quite good ! Little work to be done on proportions but I love the smoothness of it all
#3 Wed September 16, 2015 11:21

Mitch after Midnight
Victorian Vampire

Yeahh, I am sorry about that... I spent most of the time trying to get into the smooth shading thing and I kinda neglected the proportions. Still, the idea is there, so I'm happy.
Thank you very much, though!
#4 Sun September 20, 2015 21:15

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