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"Nobita !!", screamed a voice.
The young boy knew he was in trouble. Every time he had heard his mother yelling to call him, it never had meant anything good for him. This time again, he was expecting to spend another hour in the living room, head lowered in shame and heart pounding hard, bearing a storm of red-hot air expelled from his mother's angry mouth. He knew he would get scolded and never listen, sent to his bedroom and never do his homework, reprimanded again by Doraemon and never listening to him neither.
But as the boy climbed down the stairs, he clearly felt something unusual in the air, like his intuition was standing alert. On this day, things would not turn out the way he expected.
"Nobita, sit down over here.", his mother ordered, her finger pointed at the tatami covering the floor. "You and me gonna have to talk, young man."
"Yes, mom."
The boy sat down as required, kept quiet and waited patiently.
"Nobita, have you tidied your bedroom ? I went up this morning while you were at school, and I found a real mess again. It was about the 10th time I had to tell you to clean it up. But still, I gave you a second change when you came back, remember ? I promised you wouldn't be punished if you obeyed me and tidied it. It's been two hours now. So, have you done it ?"
Nobita was cornered. Of course he hadn't. He swallowed back his saliva, so soundly that his deglutition could be heard all through the household.
"I-I didn't do it yet, Mom. But...I'm gonna do it now, I promise !"
His mother frowned.
"You're not going anywhere, son. Come to me and give me your hand."
Nobita was surprised by this request, but it was not the best moment to question her about it. He woke up, walking toward his mother and held out his arm. His mother raised her own hand in turn, but it didn't go in the same direction. The hand reached out for his left ear, and seized it.
"OUCH, MOM !! What are you doing ?!"
"Be quiet, Nobita !"

The mother dragged her naughty son along the way, across the living room, through the sliding door, up the stairs and into Nobita's own bedroom.
"So, is THAT how you obey me ?! What did I tell you ? DO IT WHEN YOU COME BACK, NOT TWO HOURS LATER !!"
Nobita was speechless. Caught red-handed, he could not even defend himself.

"Be quiet, I said !"

Nobita was in trouble. He thought he would be admonished on the spot, and in the worst case, he would end up crying for a few minutes after his mother left him alone, once the scolding finished. But his sobbing was to be much longer than expected :
His mother sat down in the middle of the toys scattered on the dusty floor, drew him down toward her and laid him over her knees. It was so quick that Nobita had no time to protest. And when he finally realized in what kind of mess he was, his pants were already being pulled off his bottom, exposing it to a fresh gust of air.
"Momma !! What are y...You not gonna spank me, aren't you ? Mom, please !"
"Sorry son, but it's too late to make up for it."
She raised her hand.
"It's been months since the last time I threatened you with a spanking. I thought you would eventually learn how to behave all by yourself, like a grown-up. But you didn't. And I'm gonna have to spank it into your mind !"
Her hand fell down.
"Nooooo !"
"Shut up !"

A rain of slaps fell on Nobita's rear end. The boy had not been spanked for a while, and his resistance to bottom pain was nonexistent. He burst into tears when the first smack shelled his behind, which turned to deep red in no time at all.
The spanking itself was not very long ; a few minutes at most. But its intensity made it feel like it was eternity. The mother was not happy with her son, and she wanted him to know it well. An absolute success, judging by the amount of salty water she successfully wrested from his eyes.
"Momma !!", Nobita begged a thousand times.
"You had it comin', son. Just suck it up.", his mother replied every time.
Nobita's backside had never been under such a fire. So hot, so intense, so painful. His choked voice eventually mute, as the continuous yelling had conquered his vocal cords. Even his legs stopped moving, for he was too naturally weak and frail to allow himself so much sport and athletic wiggling.
Eventually, his resistance died off.

After the last slap, the spanking was brought to an effective end.
Nobita was forcefully lifted up and put back on his feet. His mother pulled his pants back up, and with a last smack from her lashing hand, sent him to the corner, before going back down and leaving alone with his naughtiness. Nobita obeyed and stood still. As he was not fearing retributions for damaging his mother's eardrums, he quickly regained his crybaby habit.
He wept so much from the pain that he didn't even mind the humiliation of such a treatment. All that matter was to unload the guiltiness, and to let off the steam his mother had communicated to him.
The last moment he had gone and stood in the corner dated back from kindergarten. It was a shame to endure it again, but as the minutes of meditation flew by, it became more obvious: he had deserved it. So much that he considered giving himself extra-punishment.
Which punishment ? He didn't know. But he would have no time to think it through.

"Nobita. Come down here.", called his mother.
He did as he was told. Despite the pain and difficulties in walking, he successfully got down the stairs without taking a tumble. No sooner than a pair of seconds later, he was facing his wrathful mother again.
Not so wrathful in fact.
"Nobita. Have you learned your lesson ?"
Nobita was deeply ashamed. He nodded, tearfully.
"Good. Now, come to me and give me your hand."

It was the same order, clear and simple. Nobita was afraid of what was next, but in doubt, he didn't dare ask why. He did has he had done beforehand and stretched his arm. As a reflex, he anticipated the worst ; his mother reprimanding him again to better rub it in.
But he would be twice as surprised as when the spanking had been announced. His mother replaced her scowl with a smile and grabbed his hand. Not to drag him around, but to pull him toward her. The little boy let a high-pitched scream escape from his mouth, out of sudden fear. And in less than a second, his mother's arms were wrapped all around him.
It was not another punishment.

"That's it, darling. It's all over. You may have a well-deserved rest !"
Nobita could not hold it. He broke down and cried at the top of his voice. So loudly, so powerfully, much more violently than previously. But a mother's love was a mother's love.
"Cry as much as you need, sweetheart. Get rid of all this pain."
"I don't deserve it !", cried Nobita.
"Why shouldn't you ? You're my little boy and I love you !"
"You never told me that before and never hugged me since I was six !!"

He was right. It was the way his family worked ; always keeping physical distance with each other. And maybe it was the reason why Nobita had always been so perturbed. No direct love, no consolation, no permission to fail, obligation to grow up at once. Nothing but his mother screaming after him.
But it was about to change.
"I-I've been so bad, for all this time. I'm a shame for the family !"
"No, you are not. Never shall I ever be ashamed of you, not the little guy I gave birth to ! I may have said that one day, but I never meant it. And I want to apologize for not explaining that to you."
Nobita's sobbing intensified.
"I'm so sorry, Mom ! I deserved it ! Please forgive me !"
A tear streamed down his mother's cheek.
"Don't ask for forgiveness, because it's already done. Now, I'm asking you to forgive me. What I did was necessary, but I really hated doing it. It's all over now, but I know it hurts a lot, much more than it hurts me. So please, accept this hug as a compensation !"

It was the first time Nobita enjoyed a truly sincere act of love, at least in a very long while. And it would not be the last one : his mother had found a much more efficient way to raise him. Through love, the though and the sweet one. All together, they would make a much better man out of Nobita. After all, he was but a sweet boy who only asked for a hug. And for a loving discipline.
The cuddle lasted for an hour or so. Once Nobita had done crying, his mother dried his eyes and let him go.
"Now, go back to your bedroom and have a nap. You need it. Take your teddy bear with you "
"A-a nap ? Shouldn't I be doing my homework instead ?"
It was so unusual from his mother, to ask him to go to sleep. And he really enjoyed that deep inside.
"No darling, you must rest first. How could you work with your bottom soaring like that ?", she laughed. "I am asking you to go to sleep. And you will do it. Okay darling ?"
"Yes, mom."
"You're my good lil' boy, I love you !"
"I love you too mom !"

Nobi yawned and went back to his bedroom. His mother headed for the kitchen, for dinner time was approaching. But when she heard Nobita clutching to the wall, having difficulties to climb up the stairs, she decided otherwise.
Her son was tired, very tired. She'd have to pick him up and put him to sleep herself. And maybe, why not, get her lullabies book out again.
Like good old time.

The End.


Wow ! It's been ages since I haven't posted something here. Hope you guys will enjoy it !



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Date: Thu June 2, 2016
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VIP Donator
Always a classic. ^^
Good drawing!
#1 Thu June 2, 2016 14:26

Bitch, i'm fabulous!
Lovely story and amazing picture^^
#2 Thu June 2, 2016 14:36

Battlemech Mercanary
Nice story and awesome drawing. Keep it up!
#3 Thu June 2, 2016 14:46

Wow!Very nice!Nobita's bottom is always a magnet for spankings!^^
#4 Thu June 2, 2016 16:30

Senior Member
nelson1977: Yeah.
#5 Thu June 2, 2016 21:26

Junior Member
Nobita is so cute, I love him, he's such a cute character
#6 Sat August 6, 2022 13:53

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