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Second Doraemon-related spanking picture in a row ! As requested by skipdr, it features a more traditional, faithful style like in the original 2005 anime.

Note : please notice me of you see any mistakes !

It was a normal, sunny day. Nobita was at Shizuka's to do his homework. Everything had started pretty smoothly. Until Nobita decided, as usual, to copy Shizuka's answers to the homework exercises written in her notebook, instead of racking his brains. After all, it was better that way and a much faster way to get rid of this burden he couldn't care less for.
He was not performing well at school, due to poor personal work and complete lack of concern about his academic life. So why even bother ?

But Shizuka would not share the same opinion.
"Nobita ! That's not how it works !", she screamed angrily.
It was the third time this week, in a row of three days, that Nobita would give way to his laziness like that. And she had had enough.
"Won't you ever learn that homework must be done on your own ?!", she blamed even more bluntly. "That's not studying, that's not serious work and that's not what I want to do with you ! If you want me to teach you how to do homework, you're off to a very bad start by acting this way !"
"But...Shizuka, I need help and I can't do them alone ! So I thought it would be better to copy it, since I'm not able to understand ! Please don't get mad !"

Shizuka's eyes suddenly darkened. She really was mad.
"So that's what I'm use for ? Handing you everything on a plate ? How can you expect to be learning anything this way ?!"
Nobita lowered his head.
"I never learn anything. I'm too bad to learn."
"That's no excuse ! You think you can't learn anything ? That's because the teaching method's not good for you. Let's find another one...Oh ! I know !"

Nobita stood gaping, mesmerized by her strictness. He didn't feel reassured, and quite rightly so. Shizuka smiled greedily, and without further warning, grabbed him by the ear and started dragging him toward her bed.
"I've just found the perfect method for you. I think this will do the trick !"
"W-what ?"
Her lashing hand delivered a quick whack on his butt.
"Be quiet !"

The first step had been overcome. Shizuka sat down on her bed, while Nobita was standing next to her. Not for so long.
"Drop your pants, now."
It was unbelievable. Shizuka, her best and only friend, spanking him like a baby ? Like his mother would ? Unthinkable !
"W-what ?! S-Shizuka-chan, wait ! I...I can't do that !"
"Oh sure, you can. And you will do it. Don't make me repeat myself, or I promise Sensei will send you standing in the corner every day, because you won't be able to sit down during the entire week !", she lashed out, ruthlessly. "Understood ?"
"You really want...to spank me ?"
Shizuka lost patience.
"Don't overstep the mark, Nobita-san. There are limits not to be crossed.", she threatened. "I know you hate bad surprises. You don't want every of your classmate to mock you about it all day long, do you ? Just wait until tomorrow when they learn about how I roasted your..."
"N-no !"
"I knew it. Down with your pants, young man !"

Nobita had no choice but to obey. He inserted the trembling thumbs of both his hands into his pants, slowly sliding down his hips.
"Speed it up, Nobita !"
Shizuka was a walking contradiction. A prim and proper lady modeled after a prudish education, the prissiest among Nobita's friends. She was the kind of girl who could throw a tantrum after witnessing the most horrible thing ever : a naked boy. She had a real hang-up about nudity ; seeing a pair of buttocks, or even worse, an intimate organ, was something she could not tolerate. Not at all.
One day, she and Nobi had exchanged their bodies ; a strange game they had played with one of Doraemon's gadgets. Pleasant at first, the experience had come to a sudden end, when Shizuka had made eye contact with Nobita's genitals at bath time.
But on this day, she was still about to spank him bare-bottomed. She, Shizuka, a girl who could not stand the view of the most private part of a boy's body. And she was not even blushing at the thought of (finally) seeing Nobita's. How could this ever be possible ?
Nobita had no idea of how to apprehend this. Was it supposed to be secretly exciting, or downright frightening ? He didn't know.

Eventually, Nobita's pants ended down at his ankles. His underpants were all what remained to cover his bottom. He knew what was coming next, and anticipated Shizuka's reaction by repeating the same operation with his underpants. He was resigned to his fate. And with all the maternal spanking he had recently received, he had grown used to this embarrassing submission.

But he had not anticipated the good reaction.
"Don't touch these.", Shizuka interrupted him. "Come here, I'll handle it myself."
It was too good to be true. Shizuka had no intention to see what was not appropriate for her to see. She would rather lay Nobita down on her knees, and wait until he is perfectly positioned, his wee-wee straight out of view under his buttocks, to drop the layer of underpants. And so she did.
Shizuka was a fine, willowy lady. But under this appearance of a frail being, a strong-minded woman full of character was concealed. And she had enough strength in her arms to pull Nobita's body down, bend him over her knees and maintain him in the best, standardized spanking position.
"Now, let us begin with your punishment. Are you ready ?"

She spanked him. Nobita had expected the first strikes to be the softer ones. But he was wrong, for not a single slap was to be soft. It immediately started with a burning smack, followed by another, and another, and another. It was painful, very painful. One buttock after the other, the red stain settled down simultaneously on both his tailbone cheeks.
And one eye after the other, the humid stain of flowing tears followed the same procedure. It was very quick ; Shizuka was a surprisingly efficient spanker. Had she inherited it from similar, sore mother/daughter experiences ? Most likely so. Was she about to transmit this hard-won gift to Nobita in the most severe way ? Definitely.
And it would assuredly be successful. Nobita was in tears a couple of slaps after the spanking had begun. But it was only the start ; the surface had barely been scratched.
"OW !! Please, stop !! It hurts too much !!"
Shizuka didn't even stir an eyelash.
"I'm not going to stop, Nobita."
"Pleaaaase, I can't get it anymore !!"
"I thought you were used to that ? You disappoint me. But it's not too late to learn !"
"I swear I will behave, I swear it !"
She didn't even pay attention to this fake promise. And punished him with an extra-painful whack for promising he would swear.
"Please, stop !!!", he begged.
"You may ask me to stop, Nobita-kun. And if you really insist, I will stop.", said Shizuka. "But if I do, I'll go tell your mother about what you did today. If you see what I mean !"

Nobita gulped noisily. His spine became so chilly, filled with sudden shivers, that even Shizuka could feel the cold front spreading to his buttocks.
"Nooo ! Don't do that !! Don't tell my parents...I'll be good !"
Shizuka smiled.
"I knew you would be reasonable. Now just be man enough to endure it."

The spanking resumed. Nobita wailed louder, his arms stretched in all directions and his glasses fell off his reddened face. He didn't dare covering his bottom with his hands ; those were already monopolized by his tearful eyes, that he had to wipe every five second. Shizuka's hand was hitting him hard enough like that, no need for things to become aggravated.
But still, it was in his nature to make everything worse. And it was just too painful anyway.
"Hands off !", yelled Shizuka.
In addition to the stinging heat she inflicted on his rear hand, she also took the time to verbally reprimand him. Not to belittle him, but almost.
"You think that because I'm your friend means I can accept anything from you, Nobita-kun ?!", she asked without expecting an answer. "You're at my house, and in this place, I make the rules. And if you cannot respect them, it's my duty to correct your behavior !"
She marked a pause in her speech with series of super-fast slaps.
"This is unacceptable, Nobita-kun ! Depending on others, expecting them to do all the work YOU are supposed to do...aren't you ashamed ?! You've been doing that for so long, someone has to adjust it. And I think I've found the best way of dealing with your problem !"
"I'm so sorry, Shizuka-chan !"
"Are you sure you are ? I am not. Let's make sure you are sorry !"

She struck harder. And harder. And harder. And Nobita cried louder. And louder. And louder.
"Quit holding your tears, young man.", Shizuka strongly suggested. "I'm not your teacher, and I won't ask you to stop crying because you're supposed to be a big boy. I perfectly know that you are NOT a big boy !"
Her words were curt as a punch in the face. Much sharper than his own mother's scolding. From her, a sweet-natured girl, it felt like a slap in the face. And not only in the face.
"Cry Nobita-kun, cry.", she ordered again. "Gian and Suneo are not in this bedroom to mock you like they usually do, so there is no one to make fun of your crying. I won't make fun of you neither ; I'm pretty used to it. So please, give a good cry !"

To make sure he obeyed her, she intensified the pace of her slap monsoon. Nobita's bottom was already hot as hell, a beautiful palette of reds. But it was not enough. With Nobita, it never was.
She kept spanking for a further ten minutes. Ten minutes of going through hell and suffering badly. In total, she had hit him for roughly a quarter of an hour. It was by then Shizuka decided it was enough.
"Don't move an inch."
Nobita was stoic, far too pained and teary-eyed to even dare trembling. Shizuka proceeded to pull his pants back up, so that she wouldn't have to see what was between Nobita's legs, when the later finally got up at her request.
"There. The lesson's over. Have you learned it ?"

No reply. Nobita was crying so loudly to utter an answer. Shizuka knew he had learned well. And she hated to see him so sad. She questioned her own beliefs and told to herself, like her own mother after spanking her, that maybe she had gone too far. She was really frustrated over Nobita's apparent inability to shape up and change for the best.
But she knew he had trouble trusting himself.
Everybody was against him in real life. Scolding him, belittling him, scorning him. Nothing but shame, disdain, disappointment in their quick-to-judge eyes. The objective of this spanking was not to correct behavior. But only to cause a shock that would remind him of the vital need to stir himself. By stopping considering himself a loser.
He was not a loser. And it was about time Shizuka showed him what he truly meant to her.

"Nobita, come into my arms. I can't stand seeing you like this ! C'mon !"
He refused and stood still.
"I don't want to. You deserve better than this !"
Shizuka didn't ask his opinion twice and forcefully, but softly pulled him where he feigned not to want to go.
"You do deserve this, Nobita-kun. Cause I said so !"
He burst into tears and snuggled up at her as a direct consequence.
"I'm so ashamed of myself !", he sobbed intensely. "Even my friends must punish me because I'm naughty ! It means I really am a bad person !"
Shizuka kissed him soundly.
"You aren't.", she disproved. "Nobita, you should learn how to see the bright side of things. I spanked you today, and it means that I care for you. I love you Nobita, I really do. And if it requires me to participate in your education, I'll do it. For you, Nobita-kun. The cute little boy that I love the most !"
Nobita's heart pounded a bit slower, melting on the spot. He had not expected such delicate attention from Shizuka, and it quite moved him. In the end, Shizula really cared about him. In her own way.
"Do you promise that you'll spank me if I misbehave again ?"
"You can count on me !", laughed Shizuka. "But maybe you won't need it again. I know how you feel. You think the world hates you, that you are not good enough for it. But it's not true. You are just as good as anyone else. You are Nobita, my friend, my best friend and someone I love beyond everything else. I won't let you down, never will I !"
Nobita cried strongly.
"Let it go, Nobita-kun. I want you to be happy again. Things have not changed at all ; you can still come to my house whenever you want, and I'll still help you with your work, but most of all, help you to trust yourself. You're worth so much more than you could possibly imagine !"
"No, I'm worthless ! Everybody tells me that !"
"Those people are bad, Nobita-kun. I know you're thinking about Sensei, who keeps yelling at you. On your behalf, I'll talk to him tomorrow about it. Same for your mother. Maybe they will understand that you need more tough discipline and spankings, but also the true love that goes with it !", she promised. "And if Gian or Suneo or anyone in our classroom dares picking on you again, they will feel the burn your bottom felt today ! No one touches my Nobita. No one but me."
Nobita was still crying, but he managed to let out a chuckling.
"That's a good beginning !", Shizuka rejoiced. "Now come against my chest, relax and don't say a word. Shizuka's taking good care of you. She's just given you the necessary tough love, now let the soft part begin ! The best always comes last !"

Nobita couldn't stop crying. Tears of pain, of joy, of confusion. But now he was at peace with himself. Finally, he knew someone in the world could show his love for him. With a severe hand or hugging arm, a scolding tongue or a kissing mouth, he didn't care. He was not alone anymore.
His bottom still ached, as he was now sitting down on Shizuka's laps, pressed against her and all blanketed by an army of welcoming arms. This was what he had been looking for.

"My little baby !", whispered Shizuka. "I never thought I'd do it with you one day. Even though I know it's not gonna be the last !", she said jokingly, pinching Nobita's ears tenderly. "I love you very, very much ! I couldn't live without you, I really couldn't ! So please, forgive me for what I had to do today. It was worth it, wasn't it ? For your own good !"
"I do.", Nobita cried in pure happiness. "Please, hug me again !"
Shizuka smiled all over her face.
"Let's play a game : I'm the mother and you are my son. The worst part of the game is now behind us.", she announced. "I'm going to hug you so tight that you'll want me to spank you again ! Want to try ?"
Nobita knew she actually wished Nobita would ask for another spanking. And somehow, he did as well.
"Ok Shizu...mom !"
"Good boy !"

The hug lasted far longer than forever. So long that Shizuka had to benevolently borrow Nobita the use of her bed, as the exhausted little boy was unable to move and couldn't stop cuddling her until his eyelids closed themselves.
And Shizuka was perfectly fine with it. She turned off the light, and went down to the kitchen to prepare a nice cocktail snacks tray, with the cookies her mother had baked for them.
She would do anything to keep Nobita's spirit up when he wakes up.

The End.



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Date: Tue June 7, 2016
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Ultra-Supreme Lil Bro
I love this pic! ^_^ Love kids spanking kids scenarios,and a little girl spanking a little boy is so good,plus the future Shizuka's experience as a spanker had to come from somewhere! ^_^
#1 Tue June 7, 2016 15:46

@mastervegeta I hadn't thought about Shizuka's own future. Indeed, you are right !
#2 Tue June 7, 2016 15:47

VIP Donator
Love it even more then the previous one! Awesome work!
#3 Tue June 7, 2016 16:26

@Jinchu This is only the beginning !
#4 Tue June 7, 2016 16:35

Another great spanking work,Spanko!^^
#5 Tue June 7, 2016 16:50

@nelson1977 Another big thank you for you, Nelson!^^
#6 Tue June 7, 2016 16:56

Senior Member
Mastervegeta: There's also 35 year old(adult) version of Shizuka who is also a spanker and Nobisuke/Toby Jr.(Nobita and Shizuka's son) who is also a spankee.
Spanko: And how did Nobita called Shizuka mom at the end?
#7 Tue June 7, 2016 23:58

Ultra-Supreme Lil Bro
skipdr,thanks,but I knew that. ^_^ I was refering to adult Shizuka on my post,I said her experience as a spanker must have come from somewhere due to this pic being of her child self,which means that at least on spanko's canon she did spank Nobita before when they were kids. ^_^
#8 Wed June 8, 2016 00:30

Senior Member
wait spanko, when did you take requests?
#9 Wed June 8, 2016 04:10

@damntohell29 I normally don't take requests, but since it was a Doraemon-related work...But usually, I only take commissions. Usually...
#10 Wed June 8, 2016 06:30

Senior Member
damn. i was hoping you would do something gumball related if asked. oh well maybe someone well eventually will do it.
#11 Wed June 8, 2016 06:58

Pretty awesome! Never seen Shizuka with this shade of anger before! It's believable that she'd end up cracking like this.
#12 Thu June 8, 2017 10:06

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