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So, believe it or not I started on this image a couple years ago.
The basic idea is - Cynthia is frantically trying to talk her way out of this spanking.
The intent is to fill up the space behind her with every kind of promise, bargain, excuse and whatnot she can yell out in hope of a reprieve.
And her mom will doubtless have something to say...
Surprisingly, I keep blanking on things for Cynthia to say.
So, having sat on this for so long, I figured I'd throw it out there. Please feel free to brainstorm dialogue for the ladies and post your suggestions. Thanks!



Registered: March 2007
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Date: Tue September 13, 2016
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Filesize: 133.2kb
Dimensions: 638 x 877
Keywords: captioncontest

Artist of the Damned
Cynthia: ".....and I'll never shave my little sister's head bald again....plus I'll eat all of my vegetables instead of stuffing them down the heating ducts....look I promise to even stop stealing money from your purse when I sneak out at night to go to the mall with my friends.....on top of all that, and I really mean it this time, I give you my solemn word to never, NEVER, tell daddy about the times you get naked and welcome the mail-man into the house while you think we're all gone...."
#1 Tue September 13, 2016 03:07

Gold Member
"I didn't mean to play on the computer all day it's just that I'm so close to getting the Rod of Subjugation and then I finally get to see the festival..."
#2 Tue September 13, 2016 04:08

VIP Donator
Please mom ! That Poor brush might break! Use your hand"
"Maybe I should retire it? Do you have a good belt I can use ?"
#3 Tue September 13, 2016 05:03

Shurikens and Lightning
"In hindsight, it had been a very bad idea. Her hind was certainly going to be a sight after her mother was through with it, that was for sure."
#4 Tue September 13, 2016 10:43

Lizardopholus Pervi
Cynthia: 'I promise I'll never do it again!'.
Mom: 'That's right you won't - because you'll remember how sore your bottom got last time!'.
#5 Tue September 13, 2016 12:35

Gold Member
Cynthia: "Really, Mom...Ouchie!...this is all Jessica's fault...Ahhhh, that stings!...That sneaky little tattletale...Owwie!...she set me up...Ouch!...by leaving those cupcakes...Wahoww!...out on the table...Owwww!...so I thought they were...Uhhouch!...for the family...Ahhhh, not so hard!...I forgot what you told us...Uhhoww!...about the church bake sale...Ohhhh, take it easy!...so my friends and I...Owwww!...helped ourselves a little...Wahhhh, that hurts!...but it's just a mistake...Wahhhhhh!...She and her little friends...Wahhhhhh!...are recording all of this...Wahhoww!...from inside the closet...Wahhhh, please Mom!...on their phones...Wahhhhh-wahhhhh-wahhhhhh..."

Mom: "Really, Cynthia [CRACK!!]...You always have some excuse [SMACK!!]...for your misconduct [WHAP!!]...don't you? [SPLAT!!]...It's just lucky for me [WHACK!!]...that your little sister [POP!!]...keeps her eye out [CRACK!!]...for your disobedience [SPLACK!!]...and mischief-making! [SMACK!!]...Speaking of Jessica [WHAP!!]...you girls may come [WHOP!!]...out of the closet [POP!!]...for a close-up look [WHACK!!]...at this naughty child [SMACK!!]...getting her bare bottom [CRACK!!]...spanked good and long and hard! [SMACK!!]...Just send me a copy [WHAP!!]...of the video you're taking [WHACK!!]...that's all I ask [POP!! SPLAT!! CRACK!!]..."

#6 Tue September 13, 2016 19:22

"Mommy, you must believe me, it was an accident, I didn't mean to glue Jessi's head to her pillow."
#7 Tue September 13, 2016 20:52

Spankhappy Megaraptor
Cynthia: "Ow! Mommy, please, don't! OUCH!! STOP!! You're being SO UNFAIR!!"
Mother: "Oh, then how about I flip the hairbrush around and I'll spank you with the bristle side?"
Cynthia: "...actually, no, it's fine. Keep going."
#8 Tue September 13, 2016 21:03

Senior Member
Cynthia : "Please wait wait wait, Mom ! I just wanted you to be proud of me ! Yesterday, you said you liked my drawings, so I wanted to practice and get even better ! I... I know I shouldn't have been doing that in class instead of paying attention. But I promise I'll never do it again !"

Mother : "I'm glad to hear that, Cynthia. But right now, I'm the artist and I have a lot of coloring to do !"
#9 Tue September 13, 2016 22:06

Probationary User
Cynthia: "This is embarrassing! Everybody's looking at my butt!"

Mom: "Good! They're going to get a good LONG look! Thirteen is not too old to get your bare bottom thoroughly warmed in front of neighbors, young lady!"
#10 Tue September 20, 2016 15:24

Cynthia: "Mommy, not with the hairbrush! Not with the hairbrush!"
Mom: "Oh yes, you are getting the hairbrush Cynthia [Smack!], long and hard! [Smack!] Jess suggested [Smack!] that you need[Smack!] more hairbrush [Smack!]and I think[Smack!] it is a wonderful [Smack!] idea![Smack!] It is just [Smack!][Smack!] what you deserve!" [Smack!][Smack!][Smack!][Smack!][Smack!]
#11 Mon October 17, 2016 00:18

Cynthia: "Jess, get out! Mommy! Wait! Jess is filming!"
Mrs. Kim: "Is she? Good! I hope all your little friends at school watch you getting spanked. They can watch you get a good, long, hard hairbrush spanking on your bare bottom. I'm sure they'll be very interested and it will be very educational. Are you ready, Jessy? Here comes a great big spanking!"
#12 Mon October 17, 2016 01:57

Mrs. Kim was eager to help Cynthia study, so took to holding snap quizzes. To motivate her daughter, she gave her the quizzes panties-down over her knee, hairbrush ready and poised to correct any omissions or mistakes on her bare bottom. Unfortunately for Cynthia, her mommy believed in hard questions and hard spanking.
#13 Mon October 17, 2016 02:19

Mrs. Kim had bought a brand-new hairbrush for spanking Cynthia's bottom. She decided that she should test it out thoroughly to make sure it was in good working order. Cynthia protested very indignantly about getting a spanking when she hadn't done anything wrong, but Mrs. Kim just took her pants down and put her across her knee. As Mrs. Kim hairbrushed her howling daughter's bottom hard and fast, she told her, "Cynthia, I'm going to spank you any time I feel like it. You don't get spanked half as much as you deserve, so a little extra serves you just right. A good dose of the hairbrush on your bare behind is just what you need and just what you are going to get!"
#14 Mon October 17, 2016 02:50

Can you tell I'm a fan of Drooaygah's work? How about this one, which is a little closer to the original request.

Cynthia: "Please don't spank me, mommy! I promise I'll be good! I promise I'll do my homework! I promise I'll pick up after myself!"
Mrs. Kim: "I am going to spank you, Cynthia Kim. And I promise I'm going to spank you good and hard. And I promise you are going to cry and cry and your bottom is going to be red as can be. And I promise I'm not going to stop spanking you for a very long time!"
#15 Mon October 17, 2016 03:22

Fool Emeritus
Can you tell I'm a fan of Drooaygah's work?
Yup. We could also tell you're not a fan of the "edit" button. Or of not spamming. Thanks for the clarification anyways.
#16 Mon October 17, 2016 10:01

Actually, I appreciate the feedback and compliments.
#17 Wed October 19, 2016 04:46

Here's some feedback then: I think you are a tremendously talented artist! Keep up the great work!
#18 Fri October 21, 2016 03:20

I am sorry, Mommie. I won't surf for spanking porn any more.
#19 Wed December 27, 2017 17:03

JoJo JoJo
Senior Member
@Leonid: Why are you so sardonic, dude...?
#20 Wed December 27, 2017 17:56

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