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Looking back on my fetish I sometimes question myself with ethical problems. For example, what would you do in the situation?

You hear slaps and squels from your neighbor appartment. You knock at the door and when it opens you see this picture. Mad neighbor is pouring out anger on his crying in tears 13 years old skinny daughter. You see marks on her hips.
The neighbor tells you: "Go off, it's not your business".
The girl silently moves her lips drawing out: "sa..ve.. me..".
The neighbor yells at the girl: "Get back in the room! I'll show you". He's even more angry now.

What would you do?

My case would be hard because here it's the 3rd world country where's no good juveline centers. Social budget is incredibly low. A year ago the government signed a new law which partially decriminalized home beatings since the judgement often saw cases as overreaction and slander.
I think I would offer him a bottle of beer and asked to relax and said "I may help you". And would ask to move out the irritator to my room for some time so he could spend time alone. I'd pointed that I would treat her to help calming down.



Registered: April 2013
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Date: Wed February 6, 2019
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Keywords: madneighbor

Excellent artwork and concept.
#1 Wed February 6, 2019 22:46

And, honestly, I'd do the same thing as you: I'd offer him understanding and a chance to calm down, and I would offer to handle the girl for the time being. I think I would paddle her with a hairbrush or something similar, and I would talk to her about her behavior as I did, asking her if she's considered how hard her father works and how her behavior affects him. I wouldn't spank her nearly as hard as she'd just been, but it would be a real spanking. I'd tell my neighbor that I could watch her for him and even take her in at times if she becomes too irritating to him. I would love having the opportunity to have a skinny little teen to take care of.
#2 Wed February 6, 2019 22:50

#1 Onii-chan
Call the cops on this scum bag.
#3 Thu February 7, 2019 04:46

Ooooh, this is where years of planning of exterminating the evil would come into effect.
#4 Thu February 7, 2019 04:57

i had a case before when a girl i knew and had a crush on was beaten by her mother in a regular basis, at first i didnt know but later another friend told me about it, as soon as she told me that the first reaction was to beat the living **** out of her mother but some friends calmed me down enough to rethink what i was about to do, what i ended up doing was talk with her about that and she told me that she had already been to the police where they told her that if they proceeded with the demand her mother would end up in jail but she and her brother and sister would end up in a orphanage and most likely would end up separated so she decided not to go through that, after that i started to teach her some self defense moves and told her not to use them until she knew she would was ready (i am a black belt on taekwondo) and one day her mother showed up where we worked together and wanted to hit her right there, i ended up stopping her and almost broke her arm in the process, i risked doing that because there were cameras that would show what she tried to do, after that it took a while until she tried to hit her again but by that time she had enough confidence in herself to stand up against her and since then as she has told me it never happened again and their relationship has improved a lot.
#5 Thu February 7, 2019 07:54

You pose an excellent question although one which I feel contains a 'category error'. The reason for that is that this is really a question about an absence of human rights and the presence of a repressive government with no interest in intervening in matters of domestic abuse. I feel your (our) fetish is safe from attack in this manner inasmuch as the way I (I hesitate to speak on behalf of others) and those with whom I have interacted on this subject) feel that at the heart of a spanking relationship is LOVE and CARE. In the absence of that then the scenario you present is not fetish related and a form of ugly abuse which, as we know, is still all too frequently found in the world, sad as that is.
The answer to 'what would you do' is a difficult one requiring personal moral courage and dependent on what legal back up is available in the country. Studies show that in most (by no means all) cases it is preferable the child has a continuing relationship with their parent(s) so intervention and counselling with a rigorous watching brief would be the first step. If that is unavailable then a mixture of talk and 'persuasion' is all that comes to mind, unsatisfactory as an answer as that is.
It seems to me, from my British point of view, that the answer you post is indeed the best if not the only option, incomplete as it is.
Thank you for making me think on this site and not just feel.
#6 Sat February 9, 2019 14:37

Interesting ideas and opinions were posted here. Thank you guys.
#7 Sat February 9, 2019 15:09

Fool Emeritus
Being practical, the only thing you could do is what you propose: try to talk to the neighbor, inquire about the cause of the punishment (there are always two sides to any story, and jumping to assumptions does give moral satisfaction but tends not to solve the underlying issue) and at the very least give him a chance to blow off some steam, so that even if he does not stop beating her, at least he doesn't do it in anger. Even offer to take care of her when for short periods when he feels too stressed or does not have his judgement about him- that is an offer you could also make to the daughter.

It's certainly not what most of us would actually like to do, but the remaining options are simply not practical. Even on developed countries, the police can hardly afford to keep people on watch or get involved frequently in the same kind of calls without direct evidence or catching the perpetrator in the act.

Social services are likewise often tied down- they need to build up a case before they can do anything, and without a collaborative adult that would prove long-winded and difficult, and the legal principle of having the child's interests at heart first and foremost would make it difficult and long to build any kind of legal action, unless it is a clear and very marked case of domestic violence.

Mounting your own investigation or collecting evidence to speed things up is strongly discouraged. Investigations within the private sphere are extremely difficult to conduct and hide without proper training and equipment, and you will likely only give yourself away quickly, which is likely to make things worse.

Bashing his skull repeatedly against the nearest concrete surface would also achieve nothing besides feeling good. Provided you are not charged with assault/battery yourself and end up unable to act any further due to legal trouble, and provided that you manage to scare the perp into believing you will actually assault him in order to stop this behaviour, that would only lead to him avoiding this behaviour or carrying it out in quieter ways (there are ways to inflict pain without marks or that much sound) while he believes you to be around.

There is no way you can "compete" with him, either. You can't be 24/7 on the lookout, he has ready access to the girl which you don't, and he's protected physically and legally by the sanctity of one's own house. There is mighty little you can do against him, even if you are physically fit to overpower him, and what you can do will land you in legal trouble yourself. And he most likely knows it.

So, it would have to be the quiet approach, earning rapport with him and maybe acting as occasional safe haven, paliating the consequences wherever possible.
Much as you would rather repeatedly bash his skull against a concrete surface.
#8 Sun February 10, 2019 18:56

Gold Member
Ahem* " Look I am not here to tell you how to parent children mate sometimes it's all we can think of, and yeah I feel your frustration towards those asshats who tell you how to fucking run your house. I am just here to let you know that I'm probably not the only one hearing this. and if you think spanking your daughter is the way to go that's understandable. and I won't stop you. I will however tell you that regardless of if it's my business or not. I will say that it is my right to let you know my half of things. and that right now this doesn't look good to the naked eye. the eye you are so annoyed by. I don't know what she did, and Honestly, it's not my business to know. your home your rules. your consequences. but regardless the way you just answered the door Looks aggressive and menacing. and if you want others to understand that you have no desire to be seen in the way you think they do. then you should probably try taking a moment to let yourself take moment to clear your head and approach things with a clear head so you don't end up looking bad. a father who spanks isn't a bad man. but people only see from their own eyes, and if you want them to see what you want them to see, you gotta make a better impression. sorry dear, but if your dad thinks you need a spanking, that's his job to say so. so take this moment as a lesson to think about why you are in this position and try to avoid making the same decision. no father spanks for no good reason. especially if they care about you. sorry for the wrong impression, you have a good day sir. and you remember that your dad loves you. more than you will ever know.
*walks away*
#9 Fri July 1, 2022 22:13

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