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Home » Active Resident Artists » CM_Zero » - Dark Passion


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Muhahahaha! Isn’t this the perfect place to end the first part of the story. It leaves you to look forward to the second part, which will feature the two lovers in reverse positions and whatever happens after ^^

I think I will draw and upload the B part bit by bit. One page at a time, whenever I feel like drawing one. Look forward to it.

And if you care at all for my art and my efforts with this, leave me a comment or even better a few comments and tell me what you like, dislike and think in general.

Until next time…


Shadow Artist

Registered: March 2007
Location: Germany
Posts: 1,451
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Date: Tue March 18, 2008
Views: 10,975
Tags: 30
Filesize: 234.4kb
Dimensions: 700 x 1000
Keywords: ff otk hand brush cons fantasy vampire nude

Way cute comic. I loved it.
#1 Tue March 18, 2008 20:16

Get over here~!
Eva cheers long and hard “thank you,thanx for this! It’s pure art, we need more! ^^”
#2 Tue March 18, 2008 20:28

The Freudian Slip
Ultimate Alchemist
Excellent, excellent! You've outdone yourself this time, Zero! Damn, I love it. The way you draw your characters, their expressions, the coloring, the set-up and the mood, it's all amazing. You really make good F/F. Keep it up, and I'm looking forward to part B ;D
#3 Tue March 18, 2008 20:35

~loves lilies and roses~
Overall, very cute- even though I don't really like vampires, vampire stories, or stories set in old, damp castles with vampires.
Still cute and likeable story here - granted, I'm HORRIBLY biased, since this is, well, almost exactly what I like.

I think the biggest criticism one can make is:

Backgrounds. That seems to be your biggest flaw - anything that isn't characters. The brush also looked a bit odd. But, well, if I compare to your earlier works, a steady progress in this is there(much like there was a huge progress from your earlier art as far as characters go). Practice makes perfect, as they say.
I also think the non-vampiress has a little oversized chest. :P

Even despite that, you again proved why, as far as this site goes, you've managed to be my fav artist, despite minor things here and there. Odd, odd.
#4 Tue March 18, 2008 20:48

A Real Role Player!
Awesome; beautiful...So many words to use with such a limited space...

Please, do the site a favor and keep these coming! It was wonderful!
#6 Tue March 18, 2008 22:23

Because Words Matter
Well, I gotta say between this and your last, dark knight comic, I'm pretty torn. I'll agree with Macha that characters are definitely your strong suit, but here's the weird thing.

The faces and the dialogue in your previous comic were better! More expressive, a bit more believable - it was campy, but sweet. Relationships define a character. they aren't an important thing, they're THE important thing.

but by the same token, since you're focusing on character-art, I have to say that the actual body-drawing was better in this one. As an artist, technically speaking, that means you've succeeded. ^_^

If you could combine the two - the skill you've now gained with body-drawing and the emotional-control and facials... and throw in a little background work on the side...

^^ you'd rock the house. This was a great job, and I'm glad you experimented and made so many clear departures from your last comic. Keep experimenting and keep trying! This was alot of fun to read and to wait for, and we're all looking forward to what's next!
#7 Tue March 18, 2008 22:38

So, when is

"B-PART" coming our way?!?!?
#8 Tue March 18, 2008 22:41

Waaah! Cliffhanger! I want B-part, but your so lucky I'm patient. As promised *Standing Ovation* This was great, and it keeps my hold as loving your comics most. (It's the plots and themes that gets me really. ) Now if only I could see a comic with a couple other characters you got. I've wanted to see those two girls of yours... well, I'll have to tell you who they are some time. I don't wanna end up making an unwanted request. ^^; You just keep doing what you do best.
#9 Tue March 18, 2008 23:12

Senior Member
Yay, like it a LOT! Can't wait for the B-part!
#10 Wed March 19, 2008 00:45

~Sweet British Cyanide~
Top notch comic, top marks for everything - except the format.
I can't and won't fault your art, it was beautiful and expressive throughout, the hair highlights were a little textbook at times but the poses, shadowing and facial features were inspired. This is a blinding pieace of highly proffessional art that just shines and glistens with perfection.

As I noted however, I'm not totally sold myself on the formatting. These square boxes are fine for picture-in-picture and for panels... but I'd prefer if there was something (Like a large picture) behind them and they were arranged around it manga style. I felt having them ALL in boxes gives it more of a... CG game feet. Especially with the text on the outside. If this is your new style, I might need a couple more pages to get used it. The art however is just... peerless.

*Goes off to pour sourkraut, tight leather pants, vampire fanfiction and needles through Macha's letterbox*
#11 Wed March 19, 2008 02:42

Dr. Weird
Bah, you tease. You've clearly been practicing your audience manipulations skills as well. I'm firmly neutral on vampires as a topic, but I certainly enjoyed your take on them here.

So, let's see, what do I think...? The linework in the bodies, the hair and especially the faces all shows refinement from your last comic. The colors and shading both look good, and I'll go ahead and be the first one to say I like how the nipples turned out. I suppose it's fair to say there's less *variety* to the expressions, but they look better and I don't think "variety" would necessarily be appropriate here. It's a different sort of story than the last one, very tightly focused by comparison. As a result, it's also better paced though that's partially a result of the change in format--as I mentioned before, the dialog would be much harder to break up over an actual comics page. It's simple, but simple works for your purposes here. To turn it around, this format wouldn't work for the story you were telling with the last comic.

What I'm fumbling at here is that I really like the evolution in drawing style, but I'm not sure it fixes the issues with the last comic so much as works around them. I did enjoy it though, and if you want to use it for your longer stories from now on, I for one would not complain.

I'm trying to give a balanced assessment, but if it comes off as too nitpicky I'll simply balance it by saying I really, really want to see "Part B."
#12 Wed March 19, 2008 03:37

Gold Member
Absolutely darling. You don't disappoint. I love the anatomy of the bodies...it's truly lovely, the curves you draw. Keep it up!
#13 Wed March 19, 2008 05:18

~loves lilies and roses~
and needles through Macha's letterbox*
So you are helping me to use voodoo dolls?
Okay. o.o Thank you. *stabs your doll a few more times* Gossun Gossun!

And, on topic - I actually think the formatting worked quite well in this instance. I liked it this way. ^^
#14 Wed March 19, 2008 08:40

First of all, Thanks !
I loved it !
Great art as always . Well not exactly as always since you are getting better.
The text placement was handled better than last time, and I really liked how you placed the images. (not to mention the wonderful images themselves)

Not so much of a story as last time, but it's cute and had a very powerful flow.

First thing to do when I get home from work is to add this to my collection !
And maybe gaze at it for an hour or so...
#15 Wed March 19, 2008 11:40

Senior Member
That comic is a really great, brilliant piece of work!
Cute characters, a nice build up, fantastic spanking scenes, a light ironic touch.
The "Excellent"-option in the rating was made for works like this!
#16 Wed March 19, 2008 12:06

wow Zero, all I can say is Bravo. I finally commented on all the pages! You really are amazing being able to do so many wonderful pages and post them all at once--ALL with such lovely quality and coloring. They're perfect and just the repitition of style in panel format you use makes the pages flow together as a perfect project. I can see you've began paying more attention to shading as well as other things, and it really does a lot. I already thought your artwork was wonderful, but now it's amazing!

Even though, like I said, Yuri isn't exactly my thing (eheh, talk about a long shot) this comic is really great and I'm looking forward with great anticipation to Part B. I'm envious! It's amazing you can do such a wonderful, long comic with perfect line art and coloring throughout. The only thing that I would like to see is possibly a little more variation on the style of panels, like Rob was saying. I know how bubbles for speech can be really hard to do well, and recently have used a program for it (Comic Life ) and it really helps create clean directed dialouge. I agree with RobM that if the text were more manga style and panel variation as well, then it would look 100% professional (and it's already pretty damn close!)

Anyways I need to work on that myself with comics, it's really a challenge...someday if you have time I'd really love to hear how you do your line art.

This comic has inspired me to try a few other things for some art as well! Hehe.
#17 Thu March 20, 2008 17:34

Senior Member
As a rule, I don't like vampires (way overused), but this story is very sexy nevertheless. The characters look very good and I just love the way you use the color red...
#18 Thu March 20, 2008 21:33

Shadow Artist
First of all I want to say thank you very much everyone for your comments. It's great for an artist to get this much feedback and it makes me happy to get so many positive comments.

As some of you observed, this comic is a bit different from my previous one. I thought since I already had two kind of romance and story driven pairs, with Lillianna and Eloel in the Dark Knight comic and Ravenna and Celise from the Versild series, I could do something else this time.

I decided to make a small story, tightly focused on the spanking action. I could of course have done that with my other existing characters too. But I also wanted to indulge myself in shameless fanservice here and I thought I should handle the other stories differently.

The result is as you see more or less ten pages of nakedness and spanking and although fun and sexy, not too deep.

Another thing are the backgrounds. I am quite satisfied with how my character art looks right now. I might at least for a while focus my attention on improving other areas such as backgrounds and non-character art. It is as I myself know very well, my weakest point.

And I indeed do LOVE this kind of format. You will probably see more things in this way, at least if it's not a full page, one shot picture.

Thanks again for all your comments and feel free to leave more. My gallery is quite big, after all ^^
#19 Fri March 21, 2008 13:51

Junior Member
Impressive and great, as always CM_Zero. I loved this alot, thank you for such great works!

The fact that it was about vampires is a nice bonus as well.^^
#20 Sun March 23, 2008 11:12

Holy crap. I'm at a total loss for words... no, seriously, I had to rewrite this three times...

Anyways, this was an amazing A part, and I can't wait to see part B!

I give you 1000000000/10.
#21 Fri April 4, 2008 23:30

Junior Member
Vampires and spanking, very cool concept!! I cant wait to see some more!
#22 Mon April 14, 2008 01:34

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