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Emergency Commission for Hannahfire

More info about emergency Commissions, 20% OFF!




Registered: March 2007
Location: Mexico
Posts: 2,397
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Date: Fri October 8, 2021
Views: 1,257
Tags: 8
Filesize: 1512.3kb
Dimensions: 1183 x 1650
Keywords: commissions open zani emergency help

Thank god for uncensored content
#1 Fri October 8, 2021 03:13

Gold Member
Cute pic
#2 Fri October 8, 2021 03:24

Birdtendo are you seriously saying such a stupid thing???
#3 Fri October 8, 2021 04:54

Senior Member
Oh Zani I'm so sorry to hear about your mother!

Sending best wishes your way!
#4 Fri October 8, 2021 10:41

I did see. It sucked. Sorry to hear.
#5 Sat October 9, 2021 21:25

WTF so you saw and chose to be an asshole, I get it
#6 Sun October 10, 2021 08:30

Zani: Calm down. What he said was a perfectly valid thing and no reason to jump all over him. Our site HAS been very lenient allowing you to post your censored content for a very long time. That has nothing to do with your situation with your mother.

Normally our site does not allow 3D content and your work-request post should have been removed. The only reason I DIDN'T remove it was out of respect for your current situation. Taking your emotions out on other members though is not a great way to make others feel magnanimous to you right now. Count your blessing for the people that are willing to help and don't rage at others for no good reason. I personally think you owe @Birdtendo an apology.
#7 Sun October 10, 2021 21:23

Ooohhh pardon me for not bowing at your mercy.

And I will not apologize, if anything it should be a lesson to him for the future before he makes a bigger mistake in life.

Perhaps you don't know the part where I kept posting censored content because there was no rule about it, and I asked before I did, which was changed then because of me and people hating it, and oh right... the little detail where the VIP gallery and whole thing was Ai's idea? That he would pay me 30 USD every month so I could keep posting to the VIP gallery, and then ghosted me (Still is!) owing me 420 dollars for the deal that was his whole idea???

Ah! and also he tried to gaslight me saying he had told me before to stop posting, but didn't count on me having screenshots of the same message before he edited it to make it look like it was me who missed such a huge detail? Lawyer precautions I suppose.

My only fault here is the 3D posting because I never posted 3d art before so the rule wasn't really in my mind when I am only worried about the trailer's insurance not admitting fault and we're going to trial; and after I tried to edit the file it looked ok but now that I check and refresh and re-edit and everything, it is still the old file? Nevermind the site's programming issues so could you please delete the old file? I have reuploaded it.
#8 Mon October 11, 2021 02:20

Oh, oh. Someone's going corporate again.
BTW Thanks, Akuma.
#9 Mon October 11, 2021 04:13

Spankhappy Megaraptor
What is your problem, Zani? Birdtendo made a mistake and apologised for it, yet you're still deliberately treating them like crap for it? Yes, what happened to your mother is awful, but at least have the decency to treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.
#10 Mon October 11, 2021 04:28

Thanks, Crash.
You know, Zani, I used to like ur art, but since you started making censored content and someone like me asks about uncensored content, you shoot them in the foot for it.
Maybe Cashumeru & Spicy Bardo do better art than you...
#11 Mon October 11, 2021 05:10

"sorry to hear" is not an apology wtf
#12 Mon October 11, 2021 05:13

yea it is
#13 Mon October 11, 2021 05:16

wtf well it doesn't matter now everyone knows the kind of apology you give.
#14 Mon October 11, 2021 05:30

Senior Member
At least someone apologised. Unlike someone else. Being in a tough situation doesn't give you a free pass to act poorly. Calling people assholes in open conversation doesn't exactly show good character.
#15 Mon October 11, 2021 05:36

#16 Mon October 11, 2021 05:39

My God, has everyone gone blind? "Sorry to hear" is not an apology. "I'm sorry I didn't understand the context of the commissions and sorry to hear about your mother" is. How dare Zani be upset someone only cares about butts when her mother almost died? Go watch the footage, I dare all of you. The fact her mother survived is nothing short of a miracle. Oh, and that crash? Zani watched it happen in real time. Something you'd know if you watched the footage and read the emergency commission call. Zani's been posting selective uncensored art since Ai screwed her over with the VIP section and the rules were changed to hurt her and her business. "Going Corporate"? Is that what we're going to call commissions? That a lot of artists on this site take? Go touch grass, absolutely all of you.

Birdtendo, apologize right. If English isn't your first language and to you that was an apology, then there's no shame in fixing your statement or specifying that and trying to make it right by re-apologizing instead of doubling down and whining. We're all supposed to be adults here. But understand even if you do, she doesn't have to accept it after your awful first comment. And this dog-piling on her for daring to have emotions when someone so callously brushes off the near death of a loved one is purely sickening. Shame on absolutely all of you. And shame on the mods for enabling and encouraging this sort of bullying to not only exist but thrive.
#17 Mon October 11, 2021 06:15

Probationary User
To be honest, I do feel like I am missing a lot of context here... but I don't think either side is in a position to cast the first stone.

Birdtendo's first comment seems to me like a very passive-aggressive jab. Not that he technically said anything wrong, just the timing and delivery felt like an attack. And frankly "yea, sorry to hear" sounds like a pretty half-assed apology. I can see how Zani, in the state of mind she must be in now, could take that poorly.

Then again, going ballistic on someone on the comments does not exactly help foster a climate of understanding. I get it it's hard not to snap under stress, but well. If you do, then this is what happens. And airing the dirty laundry of someone in public seldom ends well.

And with this, I back. I don't really want any part of whatever is about to go down here.
#18 Mon October 11, 2021 07:06

Nah, y'all hate me because of all the censoring thing, if I am such a horrible person I dunno why they just don't ignore me???? PLEASE ignore me??? So the people who really wanna help can contact me and I keep tackling as many commissions as I can for as long as I can.

Nooooo, that would be too much to ask.
#19 Mon October 11, 2021 08:57

Spankhappy Megaraptor
@Kittenz pwn j00 Birdtendo already apologised, for goodness sakes. You're acting like they are being deliberately malicious and were being half-hearted, which is extremely rude as far as I'm concerned. They made an honest mistake, get over yourself.

And Zani, you can't just whatever me like that. Need I remind you, I've supported you through a lot, including through everything spankedforreal put you through. Yes, we KNOW you're upset, yes, it's awful that happened, but that doesn't give you an excuse to be like this.

Just please calm down everyone, and stop being so passive-aggressive.
#20 Mon October 11, 2021 17:00

@Zani. Welp, was just about to do a few favors for you, but guess I'm scratching that and not going to be doing you favors anymore. Not the smartest idea to be an ass to an admin. I would recommend to you to not continue this behavior.
#21 Mon October 11, 2021 22:34

Junior Member
I mean Zani was.kinda in the right though
Posting emergency commissions since something bad happened to a relative and someone goes "oh, uncensored content" not the most appropriate thing to say, it's like if someone is dealing with a loss of their relative due to a heart attack and then someone walks by going "mmmmm delicious meat" so inappropriate
#22 Mon October 11, 2021 23:28

~Sweet British Cyanide~
Sometimes it makes me feel that fights can be started by one person in an empty room.

Emotions are running high for some people, it's easy to see why when looking at the video, can we all just show each other some patience? That's sometimes all that's needed - a little patience with each other.
There's plenty of other places on the internet that people can go to be toxic or to digest the 'he said, she said' endlessly in long dissections of everybody else's posts in the name of: "I'm just trying to help."

Can we just take a bit of a break from snapping at each other, take a deep breath and not all be in a rush to respond with the first thoughts off the tops of our heads, especially when there's a chance that it's the ego posting and not the brain. Not aiming this post at anyone specifically. Nobody is more conscious of how easily that can happen than I am.
#23 Mon October 11, 2021 23:47

Crash I didn't even say whatever to you lmao... but... do you see how it doesn't feel nice to have your feelings just brushed off like that?
#24 Tue October 12, 2021 02:11

Senior Member
Nobody brushed off any feelings though. If this was the first picture anyone saw and didn't click on anything else, the initial comment here isn't even out of context.
#25 Tue October 12, 2021 03:17

Spankhappy Megaraptor
OK, Zani, so RobM clearly asked everyone, you included, to take a break from snapping at each other and not be in a rush to respond with the first thoughts off the tops of our heads, and you deliberately ignore him. That comment was completely uncalled for.

Why are you behaving like this? This goes WELL beyond just being upset because of that awful accident. Birdtendo admitted they made a mistake and apologised.
#26 Tue October 12, 2021 05:41

My mother almost died, we might lose the case, and people just say "thank god for uncensored content" I wonder why
#27 Wed October 13, 2021 01:23

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