~Random Punishment Selector~

Spankee's Name:
(The person who will be getting the spanking)
Spanker's Name:
(The person who will be giving the spanking)
Reason for Punishment:
Select Severity of Punishment Very Light: Base swats 10-30
Light: Base swats 20-50
Moderate: Base swats 40-100
Moderately Hard: Base swats 80-160
Very Hard: Base swats 120-200
Random: Base swats 10-200
Custom. Minimum base swats , Maximum base swats (NOT WORKING YET - DO NOT SELECT!)
Select Number of implements to use during punishment: 1
Random (1-4)
Select Available Implements (NOTE: You must choose at least one implement for each spanking you selected above) Hand. Swat Multiplier
Hairbrush. Swat Multiplier
Wooden Paddle. Swat Multiplier
Leather Paddle. Swat Multiplier
Switch. Swat Multiplier
Wooden Spoon. Swat Multiplier
Cane. Swat Multiplier
Bath Brush. Swat Multiplier
Belt. Swat Multiplier
Tawse. Swat Multiplier
Strap. Swat Multiplier
Ruler. Swat Multiplier
Slipper. Swat Multiplier
Flogger. Swat Multiplier
Riding Crop. Swat Multiplier
Custom Implement One. Name: Swat Multiplier
Custom Implement two. Name: Swat Multiplier
Custom Implement three. Name: Swat Multiplier
Custom Implement four. Name: Swat Multiplier
Select Position(s) to randomly choose from. (NOTE: You may select just one spanking position which will be used for multiple spankings) Over the knee
Laying on the bed
Diaper position (laying on back, legs up)
Bend over a chair
Bending Over
Touching Toes

Select states of dress to choose randomly from. (NOTE: One state of dress will be selected for all of the spankings if more than one will happen) Fully Clothed
Over Underwear
Bare Bottom
Naked from the waist down
Fully naked
How many extra punishments are required? None
Random (1-4)
Random (0-1)
Random (0-2)
Random (0-3)
Random (0-4)
Select the extra punishments to choose from: Corner Time
Early Bedtime
No Dessert
Mouth Soaping
Forced Cross Dressing
Extra Bedtime Spanking
No PC / Internet
Written Lines
Ginger Fig
"Tiger Balm" / "Icy Hot" bottom rub
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