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It's Morphing Time!

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  1. mastervegeta
    Yesterday 03:17 AM
    Yeah, lol, but really, what could Nidoking too? It isn't just any average Pokemon who can babysit mischievous Mew, lol.
  2. mastervegeta
    Yesterday 02:33 AM
    Lol, yep! And her laughing at him even as she hit him with the same moves he tried to hit her with only made Nidoking even more mad!
  3. mastervegeta
    Yesterday 02:14 AM
    Interesting choices, I'd say! *nods nods*

    The anime has it's wierd parts, like Heracross beating Magmar, then Charizard owning Blastoise on the same battle, lol.

    And then there are moments like Mew showing why exactly she is a Legendary (and a mischievous one at that!) by having her playing with a Nidoking.

    Like, Mewtwo was serious and nonsense, grab Nidoking, OHKO with Psychic.

    Mew, well...

  4. mastervegeta
    Yesterday 01:38 AM
    Any team with Kangaskhan and Nidoqueen gets the Rodrigo Seal Of Approval, lol!

    It was Ash's team mid Johto season, BTW. Early Johto was this really wierd time where Bulbasaur and Chikorita both were on Ash's team at the same time (Nothing against them, but considering they are both Grass Starters, it was wierd for Ash to use both on the team at the same time), while Johto League team had Charizard back and I think was the ONE team that Ash didn't use Pikachu.
  5. mastervegeta
    June 20th, 2021 10:54 PM
    On the other hand, poor Raichu wished he'd be anywhere except on Vermillion Gym when he was face to face with Golem, lol.
  6. mastervegeta
    June 20th, 2021 10:40 PM
    Lol, giving Erika ghosts helps give the Gengar family some attention. Sides, they are part Poison, which fits perfectly with her living team since only Tangela is pure Grass without the Poison type!

    Though big sis Sabrina will take her over the knee quite a few times when Erika challenges her....

    Speaking of which, Brock's second team (Same level as Misty's), as I predicted, was sweeped...I just didn't expect STARYU to OHKO with Water Gun.

    So I tried again with Brock's third team, the one with Surge's levels.

    Staryu OHKO Onix and Rhyhorn, and took half of Golem's health, Starmie finishes the job.

    On my third and last try before thinking I'd have to use the next tier, though, Staryu OHKO Onix and Rhyhorn, takes half of Golem's health, Misty uses X-Defend on Starmie and Golem miraculously hits a Critical Hit Rock Slide that OHKO Starmie. O_O
  7. mastervegeta
    June 20th, 2021 10:16 PM
    Lol, it sure would!

    Before I move on to Misty's teams, I'll test Brock's teams. Every time I get a Badge, I'll use the next "tier" of Brock's strenght.

    Surge and Koga will be easy, but I can see Misty and Erika giving me trouble....^_^;
  8. mastervegeta
    June 20th, 2021 09:18 PM
    You bet! ^_^

    At his best, you can't just use a mono grass or mono water without a strategy. Aerodactyl, Omastar with Blizzard, Rhydon with Thunderbolt and Fire Blast, and Golem with Fire Blast say hi!

    With the addition of the fossils, two of his Rock Types lose their Water weakness and one loses the Grass weakness.

    Plus, Kabutops on the last Gym Battle has a deadly combo of high attack, Swords Dance, and Hyper Beam as one of his moves in a Gen where Hyper Beam counts as a Physical move, for those who think Brock is only about defense and can't go on the offense. ^_^
  9. mastervegeta
    June 20th, 2021 08:51 PM
    Finished with Brock!

    Starting from you having 4 Badges, Golem has Fire Blast for Grass Types and Rhydon has both Thunderbolt for Water and Fire Blast for Grass, as well as Graveler being added as a fourth pokemon.

    5 Badges, main change is that Graveler is replaced with Omastar.

    6 Badges adds Kabutops for a team of 5 pokemon.

    If Brock is your last Gym to conquer, he uses a full team of 6 with Onix, Omastar, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Rhydon, and Golem!
  10. mastervegeta
    June 20th, 2021 07:32 PM
    Maybe, but we still didn't have this for Red Blue and Yellow, I think.

    Onix and the Geodude family will be on all teams.

    So far, if you have two badges, he uses Onix, Rhyhorn, and Golem.

    Three Badges has Rhyhorn evolve to Rhydon and equal Golem in level. Golem's Self Destruct already is replaced by Explosion, and all three Pokemon already have Rock Slide, Rhydon replacing Rhyhorn's weaker Fury Attack and Horn Attack with Mega Punch and Mega Kick.

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