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A lovely pic I commissioned from the uber talented AryoAnggoro (http://aryoanggoro.deviantart.com) who once again did a ~fantabulous~ job. The characters in the back are my OC Karnacht, Yami, and Mina. In the front from left to right we have Blitzkrieg who is sort of Gesperax's OC but is also an actual comic character, Sadira from Killer Instict, a big girl brat OC of mine, and Lilith from Vanguard Princess. I also typed up a quick story to go with this, read if you'd like ^^

Picking up where we left off. Mina is stuck on the pentagram sepulcher having just been spanked. She struck a bargain to help him spank some brats since this is one of his busy seasons for brats.

"Okay Mina, go into a 'down dog' pose, like in yoga." Karnacht fetched a big, black marker out of a trench coat pocket. She seemed confused "Down dog? What?" He popped the top off the marker. "Stretch your arms and legs a bit and stick your butt in the air so I have room to draw." She did as he asked and winced as her butt felt sore all over again being subjected to this position. "Make it quick!" She held in place while he drew a crescent moon over the pentagram and then recapped and placed the marker back in his pocket. He put his arm around her waist and picked her up off the sepulcher and then sat her down on it in a sitting position. "Owww! Watch the butt!" Mina complained at him. He seemed unaffected by her outburst or discomfort and merely stood silent while she eased herself up rubbing her bottom. "So about this deal we've struck, let me go back to my house and change into something more 'appropriate' before we discuss details, ok?" He quietly nodded. "K! BRB!" Mina trotted off despite her stinging rump.

"Oke~ I'm back!" When Karnacht got a look at Mina he took a deep breath and exhaled so slowly that it wasn't even audible through his mask. She was wearing a dominatrix outfit that consisted of horizontal lines of tight black material that showed off rows of flesh and had gartered black stockings not to mention her long black gloves and black pumps. She grinned showing those sharp fangs of hers and approached Karnacht. "Gee, I'll bet the big bad ass bunny is blushing underneath that mask of his..." She reached forward and carefully pinched the cheek of his mask without touching the spikes. "Knock that off!" he reached up and gently motioned her hand down. "You're currently under contract with me," he reached into his inner coat pocket, pull out a piece of paper, and unfolded it, "and we have work to do. Here I have a list of br-" Mina lunged forward and snatched the piece of paper out of his hand. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a list of brats!" Her eyes widened. "Lots of naughties for me, er us, to spank!" Her tail started to stand up. Karnacht reached forward and took the paper from her, slightly annoyed. "You don't get to just spank whoever you want, whenever you want. There are protocols and procedures to follow with this sort of thing. According to the li-" In the blink of an eye she climbed up on his back and looked over his shoulder at the list. "Rules this, protocal that. You and your boring procedures! How about that one?" She pointed at a name on the list. "Blitzkrieg? She's not on the schedule until.." Mina grabbed the paper, placed her feet into his back, and leaped over his head landing on her feet. None of this seemed to particularly bother Karnacht. "You and your nonsense paperwork! I'm in your employ now, and what good am I if we screw around with this administrative crap all night. I'm not a secretary ya know." She rubbed her forehead with the tips of her fingers in slight annoyance upon saying that last part. "Besides...." She grinned without showing her teeth and clasped her hands around her groin, keeping them beside her boobs therefore emphasizing them, "we're partners now, and I should have some say in this. And I say we pick someone on this list and light her tail up!" Karnacht took a deep breath and exhaled with a slight sigh. "I suppose you're right, but Blitzkrieg is currently in Germany. How are we going to get to her tonight?" Mina rolled the list up, stuffed it between her boobs, and winked. "You just leave that to me Sir Easter Krampus!"

"I gotta admit, this is pretty cool." Karnacht observed the pale blue portal Mina created with her demonic magic. "Okay, what are we waiting for! This one is currently being very naughty so let's go get her!" They ran through the portal, and it closed a split second after their exit. "Well, here we are in jolly ol' Deutchland." Karnacht took in his surrounding. "Wasn't it still night time when we left?" Mina gave a quick nonchalant expression. "Yeah, that time zone differential is jolting isn't it?" After a moment they saw several police cars rounding the street they were standing on, obviously in hot pursuit. "Ahh, nothing like a good ol' morning bank robbery to start the day." Mina chuckled. "The police are already after her. I say we let them take care of her since it's their job after all." Karnacht chimed in. Mina smirked. "But the police likely aren't going to spank her, are they?" "Well...no.." "Oke then! Let's go get her! I know a shortcut." She shot a blue blast out of her palm and grabbed Karnacht by the neck of his coat and tugged at him to follow her in. Emerging from the exit portal they witness a blonde woman in pigtails in a purple and yellow mini skirt outfit running with a bag of money. "That fiendish Kraut is all mine!" Mina got down on all fours, leapt through the air, and pounced on the fleeing thief. Karnacht quickly caught up. "Get your handz off of me!" The pigtailed robber spoke with a heavy German accent. Mina grinned while scrunching her face in a comedic way, placed her fingers in Blitzkrieg's back, and shoved her into Karnacht's chest.

"Vaht is de meaning of zis?! You have no authority to spank mein popo!" Blitzkrieg looked straight up at his masked face with a look that was half disgust and half fear. Karnacht grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to a nearby chair. "Mina, why don't you take the first crack at this fiesty tart?" Mina bounced up and down with excitement. She sat down and yanked her over her lap causing the robber to drop the bag of money. "Nein! Nein!" She protested. Mina bent Blitzkrieg over her knee, wedged her panties in between her buttcrack, and began whipping her butt with her tail. "Ausch! Ausch! Ausch!" Tears flowed from Blitzkrieg's eyes and she struggled forward in Mina's grip as her boobs jiggled with each smack from Mina's tail on her butt. Following a good while of this Mina finally had her fill momentarily as she released the German brat from her grip. Blitzkrieg jumped up, ran forward while crying and rubbing her butt, and crashed right into Karnacht who picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. "Scheiße! Nicht noch einmal!" He carried her to the now vacant chair, bent her over the back of it, pulled up her skirt exposing her panties, and laid into her butt with his open hand. "Auch! Meiner popo! Meiner popo...." He spanked her repeatedly while Mina watched, smirking at what she was seeing. Blitzkrieg tried to struggle, but he held her in place with his left hand. After he had thoroughly worn her rear end out he started to let her up. Blitzkrieg rubbed her butt and attempted to run away, but Mina quickly caught her. "Not so fast you lil brat!" The spankee began to wriggle once she could hear sirens in the distance. "Bitte, let me go to die Polizei. Gefängnis, can't be any vorse zan zis!" She attempted to kick her legs while Mina got in a few more strokes with her tail. Mina held onto Blitzkrieg. "Ok the cops are getting closer. We should probably get out of here really soon, but this brat hasn't gotten nearly what she deserves yet." Karnacht rubbed his chin. "Let's bring her with us. Gimme a moment." He got out his cellphone and typed a message before putting it back. "We can drop her off at a park while we go collect more brats to teach some discipline to. Someone will be waiting there to watch over her for us while we work." Mina nodded her head once to agree. "Sounds good to me. Blitzkrieg, you're going to be sorry you rolled out of bed and decided to put that skimpy costume on and rob a bank today!" Blitzkrieg glowered at Mina through her tears. "Hmph!" With that Karnacht ran through the portal Mina created head first while she dragged Blitzkrieg by one of her pigtails into the blue void.

Once again they exited the blue portal but were in a public park that was virtually empty since it was night time. In the distance a girl with brown pigtails was approaching them. Once they got closer they could see her. She was wearing a black shirt with a bunny skull and crossbones on it, had a black skirt, black gloves, and black boots, and was wearing a spiked respirator mask on her face. In her hand she was carrying an Easter basket that appeared to be filled with punishment implements. "Mina, say hello to Yami. She was the contact I was referring to." Karnacht paused for a moment, completely redirecting his attention to Yami. "Speaking of which, remember this lil comment of yours, Yami? i.imgur.com/5F5ILMj.png " Her eyes widened a bit, and she looked away. "You know I have a policy about teasing those who are being spanked..." She lowered her head, looked away, and blushed. "C'mon, hand me the one you think you deserve." Hearing that she reached in the basked and pulled out a rubber paddle that consisted of two split strands and was shaped like a short, thick tawse. She sat the basket down as he pulled her over his lap and raised her skirt revealing panties with a teddy bear on them. Yami looked at Mina who was about to watch her spanking, looked to the side, then looked down. Mina grinned with the side of her mouth but didn't say anything. Karnacht brought the first smack down on Yami's butt, and her eyes squinted, tears already welling up in them. He spanked her for a little while longer while she tried to kick even tho she was pinned between his legs now. She eventually cried out and really let the tears flow when he abruptly stopped, let her up, and hugged her. "I think you've learned your lesson for now. Why don't you be a good girl and bind Blitzkrieg and watch over her while Mina and I fetch more brats?" He patted her right on the teddy bear, making her gasp a bit due to her sore butt. Yami took the rubber paddle from him and placed it back in the basket. She then fetched some rope and tied Blitzkrieg's wrist together before chaining her to a nearby bench. "That's a good lil girl!" Karnacht rubbed Yami's hair. "Oke Karnacht, who's next?" Mina fetched the list out from between her boobs." The masked rabbit gave it a look. "Hmmmm, how about this one? She's quite dangerous...." Mina held the other side of the list and traced it with her free hand. "Sadira? She just might fuck you up Karnacht ol' buddy ol' pal!" Mina playfully nudged him with her elbow as she said that.

This time when the exited the portal they emerged in a strange cave adorned with a couple of fires contained in ornate braziers and some middle eastern looking ornaments about including a throne where a woman in a dark red hood sat. There were also big spider webs all about. She didn't appear to be wearing much else underneath the hooded robe. "Why do you come here. Thisss isss my cave!" With that she lept down from the throne and immediately began attacking Karnacht since she likely saw him as the biggest threat. She slashed and kicked at him with her claws so quickly her movements were just a blur, and although he was able to block or parry most of them she got a nice good slash in across his chest armor. "She's really fast!" Karnacht exclaimed just before going on the offensive himself with his zombie claws and machete out. She was so much faster than him that he mostly had to wait for her to attack him and counterattack since he was barely able to land a hit while attacking her. Mina stood back and launched fireballs at her in order to try and give Karnacht a chance to hit her, but all this did was cause Sadira to put distance between them so she could better dodge the demon magic. Their blades clashed some more, and Karnacht went for Sadira head-on with his machete. He managed to nick her across the tummy with the edge of it, but doing so left him wide open so she got to cut him across the leg which would have injured him worse if it weren't for his leather pants. "Oke, this is going nowhere...." Karnacht backed up, sheethed his weapons, and got out his phone all while Mina laid cover fire allowing him to do so. "Mina, portal now! Yami is on her way." Mina nodded, "On it!" Not two seconds later Yami stepped through the portal with the easter basket of implements. He grabbed something out of it but quickly hid it in his trench coat so Sadira couldn't see. "Alright Mina, I got this....." Karnacht approached Sadira unarmed but never got close enough to hit her. He kept just enough distance so that whenever she tried attacking he could quickly dodge. During her next attack Karnacht threw open the side of his trenchcoat and pulled out a whip. He drew back and laid into Sadira's back with it, a resounding "crack" filling the cave. Sadira grimaced, gritted her teeth, and shed a tear from each eye. She crouched on all fours with her knees sticking out in one of her signature attacking positions with a tear running down each cheek. "Want another one?...." Karnacht readied the whip again but wasn't ready to lash again. Sadira looked over at Yami and lunged forward getting a slight cut in across her abdomen before scurrying off toward Mina. "Oh that does it! Mina I have an idea. Make a portal that leads to me!" Mina created one in front of her right as Sadira lunged at her. "Say Mina, why didn't you use these portals in the fight against me?" Karnacht rightfully inquired. "I have to concentrate when I use them. There's no way I'd have a chance with those claws and big machete of yours coming at me." Sadira went through the portal and came out in Karnacht's grip. "You're mine now...." He stabbed her in the shoulder with his zombie claw while holding her in a choke hold with the other hand, he pulled it out and ran it through her gut, then he let go of her throat and head butted her right in the face with his spiked mask launching her off of his claw. "Mortal Kombat X-Ray style!" he exclaimed upon finishing the bone crunching, inner organ slicing maneuver. Mina winced at the sight of every blow as they seemed to happen in slow motion. "Get her out of here Mina and back to the park. I'm gonna make sure Yami is ok."

Back in the park the two brats were subdued to the bench, and Yami had only suffered a minor cut that was now treated. "We can do another one." Mina looked at the list. They both agreed on the next one, Lilith. Leaving Yami to watch over the other two they made off to the Girls' Academy where Lilith was causing trouble. "That little squirt is a demon?!" Mina seemed disbelieved at the prospect that this cute girl clutching a teddy bear was responsible for so much carnage. "Mina, this one's all yours..." Karnacht rubbed his forehead and backed away. Mina grinned and tackled Lilith right away. "Get off me you brat! I'm gonna kick your fat ass, and once my father Satan finds out about this he'll eat your soul!" Lilith engaged Mina back as they wrestled, struggled, and particpated in hand to hand combat. Karnacht gave a short cheering gesture and then fiddled with his phone for a moment. "Beat that naughty little butt of hers, Mina!" he called over to the fighting girls. Whilst looking at his planner he overheard smacks accompanined by Lilith's crying which could only mean one thing... Mina defeated Lilith and had her pinned underfoot with her teddy bear panties showing, snug against her now pink butt. Lilith struggled and whimpered, "No fair! I'm gonna kill you for this!" Mina picked the little scamp up under her arm. "Let's get out of here Karnacht. I hear the headmistress here is a real bitch."

"And that makes three!" Mina nods approvingly. "Let's get started." Karnacht began rummaging through implements in the basket. "Wait..." Mina perked her ear up. "I think there's room on this bench for one more." Nearby they could see a young chubby woman in a short skirt, fishnet top, and hipster glasses screaming and yelling at a short, skinny man who was balding and also wore glasses. "We'll be back in a moment." Karnacht kissed Yami on the forehead before he walked away. She tilted her head down slightly and blushed in a way that could even be seen through the mask. When they got closer to the young chubby woman and the thin middle aged man they realized it was a daughter screaming and yelling at her father. "And how DARE you tell me that I shouldn't go to the Slut Rally!" The man stammered, apparently intimidated by her, "B-b-but pumpkin, it's on your grandma's birthday, and she'd love to see you. Besides, I just bought you that new car. D-don't you think she'd enjoy seeing it?" This seemed to piss the girl off even more. "I'm 20, and even tho I still live in your house you can't tell me what to do! You could never understand with all your male privilege!" She continued to yell and berate him. He shook nervously and tried to reason with her. "I-I'm not telling you that you c-can't go; I'm just saying that you sh-shouldn't, s-sweetheart." They hadn't noticed Mina and Karnacht yet, and Mina looked up at his mask to address him. "Well, what do you think?" Karnacht did an eye rolling motion with his head. "If I have to hear any more of her big mouth I think my head is going to explode." He lightly shrugged his shoulders. "I've heard enough. Let's put some blisters on her fat, pink butt!"

Karnacht walked up and nonchalantly took the chubby girl by the arm. "Hey! Get your greasy hand off me you creep before I yell 'assault' so loud your shit for brains will spew out." Mina smirked, "Let her have it big boi..." With one hand he pulled his belt out and folded it in half. He yanked on the girl's arm so that she went straight over his knee as he sat down on the bench. "H-hey, you can't do this! Assault! Assault!" The first lick of the belt tore into her chubby butt, and the cracking sound filled the park. Her eyes filled up with tears, and for a moment she was too choked up to even form words. "D-dad help me!" She squirmed as Karnacht gave her a few more licks making that bubble butt of hers bounce. The girl's dad slightly smiled as he watched. "That man looks mighty scary, pumpkin. I don't think I'd stand a chance against him. It looks like you'll just have to take this whipping." He said nonchalantly. The rhythmic belt whipping never ceased for a moment during this banter. Her face twisted into an angry expression as her mascara started running down her eyes. "Well fuck you dad! I hope you and grandma both die and rot in Hell!" Karnacht reared back and gave her several fast, hard licks from that one. "Aaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooow-hooow-hooow!" the girl blubbered. He tore into her butt with the belt like a machine as she gritted her teeth, and her runny eyes cast a glaze of pure hatred through her hipster glasses. "Aaaaaoow, oke I'm sorry! I'm sorry dad!" Karnacht kept whipping her, and that made her crocodile tears soon fade. "Well fuck you!" she screamed. Mina had a big grin while she watched. "This one has obviously needed this for a while. I'm guessing you never had the balls to do what was necessary." She looked at the girl's father as she said the last part. Finally, he stopped and let the crying, chubby girl up off his lap. She sneered and gave them all the middle finger as she rubbed her panty clad bottom. Karnacht rubbed his chin. "Hmmmmmm, I don't think this one's had enough yet. Mina what do you think? Perhaps she should join the others?" Mina nodded in approval. "I shall call my muse." He motioned for Yami to come. "Set the table for one more, we've got an extra special guest tonight!"

All four brats were on the bench, bound, and bent over with their butts properly displayed for punishment. Karnacht and Mina were like two kids in a candy store going through the Easter Basket of Implements to use on the four brats at their sadistic mercy. Mina picked out a few, and Karnacht picked out a few to start with. "Hey Mina!" He tossed her a 3 ft long whip that was forked at the end like a snake's tongue. "Why don't you give this a try? Feel free to borrow it anytime!" Mina grinned, tugged on it at both ends to get a feel for it, and decided to put it to good use. For a good long time they whipped, spanked, paddled, and caned all four of the brats while Yami and the girl's father watched. Karnacht's masked muse lifted her skirt and rubbed her own bottom from the spanking Karnacht gave her before. Mina struck a pose with the whip in front of the brats, admiring her handiwork as her tail boner made apparent. "Say Karnacht, we should do this again sometime!" He shrugged his shoulders and held his signature paddle ready to give Blitzkrieg one more lick. "Why not?!"

........to be continued, maybe?

Karnacht av Visp

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Date: Fri May 15, 2015
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Gold Member
Well of course it's going to still be night.
#1 Fri May 15, 2015 22:04

Demonic princess
Like i said on deviant art, i really liked this picture and errrr....my new outfit
#2 Sat May 16, 2015 02:06

Lizardopholus Pervi
I love how dark this looks.
#3 Sat May 16, 2015 03:57

Super Moderator
Love it, especially the shy/uncertain look on Mina face, and her yummy outfit ^^
#4 Sat May 16, 2015 18:49

Artist of the Damned
My Mina in bondage clothes ?
Humph...it had to happen sooner or later due to the activities she participates in. X////3
#5 Sun May 17, 2015 19:09

A perfectly beautiful morning of bankrobbering turns into perfectly horrible night of spanking!!! Hope, it's not endless! AU!!! AU!!! AU!!!
#6 Tue June 16, 2015 12:24

Senior Member
that girl's carbon filters look slightly strange and expensive does she change her filters or are they just for show
#7 Tue June 23, 2015 02:00

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