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- 32 Frames of animation
- 8 hours of work
- Plus additional 2 hours for writing the short story below

Sometimes I worry about myself for coming up with stuff like this.


35th of Summer, in the year 323 After Calamity
Travel-Journal of Rebecca Tinderbottom

Today, after three month of sailing through these unknown waters we witnessed something incredible.
After a pleasant and calm morning and early afternoon, the weather began to cloud over toward the evening.
So when we started hearing the noises, we assumed it was the coming storm making itself known.
Imagine our surprise when suddenly, only a short distance away from our ship two leviathans burst out of the ocean's depth up to the surface.
We were hit hard by the incoming waves their ascend created and I lost my footing on the slippery wood.

It took us all a while after that to truly comprehend what we were witnessing there.
A giant creature in the form of a woman with a fish tail was locked in combat with a massive tentacled beast, a Kraken.
While we had a good view of the female leviathan in all her naked glory, we could only see the tentacles of her opponent reaching up from below the surface.
As I watched the female's massive tail rise up and then smash down into the water, an act which send our ship spinning again, I realized this female leviathan had to be Aquamarine, the infamous queen of the mermaids from legends. According to the stories she was the largest and oldest of the mermaids and hadn't been seen by any ship in decades. If she now roamed these uncharted waters, it would make sense no-one had seen her.

The tentacles were coiling around and pressing into the mermaid queen's naked body trying to immobilize her, while she was fighting against their grip and trying to break free. Even though the mermaid queen was massive in size, she was also beautiful to behold. Her face, while distorted from anger and exhaustion, was prettier than that of any woman I had ever seen, her long wavy hair was thick and beautiful. Her ample, well-formed breasts were breathtaking and her plumb, round buttocks, while each one the size of our ship, were a mesmerizing sight as they moved in the queen's struggle to free herself. Even the many suction marks from the kraken's tentacles on her skin didn't diminish her beauty.

Everyone on board our vessel, myself included, were both terrified and captivated by the battle unfolding before our eyes. After a while the fight seemed to conclude in favor of the Kraken. The mermaid queen was now completely helpless and immobilized in her opponents tentacles.
I actually found myself fearing for her and wanting to help her then, despite the fact that we on our ship were powerless and far beneath these two leviathan's to even be of notice to them.

As we watched in awe, the kraken's two longest and largest tentacles began to rise out of the water and started to spank the bare bottom of the immobilized mermaid queen. Her big meaty butt-cheeks bounced magnificently under this assault. Her pale flesh quickly began to redden, as did her face as the queen's anger was quickly replaced by large tears streaming down her face. Her naked breast were swinging freely, jiggling and moving with every slap on her posterior.

Once more we were unable to look away.

The kraken continued to spank the crying and helpless mermaid queen for quite some time. Once her rear end was deeply crimson the kraken once again did something we didn't expect. While two tentacles spread the queen's butt-cheeks apart, a third one began to spank her on the tender and still pale flesh between. This of course made the mermaid cry and struggle even harder, but the tentacles held firm. There was no escape for her.

During all of this some of us had regained our senses far enough to get our thoughts working again properly.
My assistant Frederick wondered aloud what would make a Kraken behave like this. It seemed highly unusual for a wild sea monster to understand the concept of a spanking as we intelligent humanoid species do.

One of the sailors, a man named Hendriks, explained to us, that in old stories the kraken of the sea are seen as avatars of the sea god.
Maybe what we were witnessing now was not a sea-monster attacking the mermaid queen, but the god of the sea punishing her for some transgression through one of his avatars. How else would you be able to discipline a naughty girl of that size?

Naturally anything involving the gods is notoriously hard to prove either way, so my scholarly mind was and still is reluctant to accept the possibility. However in light of the things we've seen I do not have many other probable theories to explain these events.

As we were still debating this mystery, my other assistant Dana had been smart enough to draw several detailed sketches of the scene before us. She is a good artist and her drawings capture the view we had very well. However even her depiction fails to completely convey the terror and awe we all felt seeing it in the flesh before our very own eyes.

Eventually even the Kraken seemed satisfied and the spanking stopped. The tentacles untangled themselves from the mermaid queen's body and disappeared down into the sea. The crying, well spanked queen however remained on the surface for a while. She remained lying there, floating on her belly, her plumb crimson rear end raised out of the water like a small beautiful island. After a few minutes of silent crying she collected herself and dove down into the depth in one smooth motion. Since then we haven't seen any more of her.

It hasn't even been 12 hours since we witnessed all this, but I am already starting to doubt my own memory of it. It just feels too unreal.
Nevertheless I won't ignore what I've seen. Even though I know it may be dangerous, I am planning to explore this area further once my current journey is over. With any luck I might be able to witness a scene like this again, or at the very least learn more that could me help to solve this mystery.

Visiting the temple of the sea god and making a large donation will be the first thing I will do once we have returned to port.


Shadow Artist

Registered: March 2007
Location: Germany
Posts: 1,480
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Date: Wed August 9, 2017
Views: 7,353
Tags: 94
Filesize: 2746.4kb
Dimensions: 900 x 750
Keywords: xf nc tentacle bondage mermaid sea

Senior Member
Now THIS has to be the "biggest" spanking delivered...of all time!

This is a wonderful animation. Your skills have become even more amazing. Cannot wait to see what you make next!
#1 Wed August 9, 2017 17:34

Jaded Entity
Wow this is just amazing. I sure hope this ship is hiring.

Bravo CM_Zero!
#2 Wed August 9, 2017 17:38

You just wanted to one-up my giantess. :/
Kidding, this is pretty amazing. Time well spent. You did it frame by frame?
A little detail, but I like how there's just a slight curvature to the horizon; and of course I like all the other curvature too. Very jiggly.
Just FYI, there's a little colour flicker between her back and the tentacle.
#3 Wed August 9, 2017 17:45

Gold Member
I wish I was on THAT ship!!
#4 Wed August 9, 2017 18:00

Shadow Artist
Well Zekel, to be fair: Seeing your giantess reminded me that I wanted to do a drawing like this for a while. At some point that turned into me doing an animation for it.

The flicker should be fixed now too. Some naughty tentacle was skin colored on a few of the frames.
#5 Wed August 9, 2017 18:17

Senior Member
The smacks heard around the world.
And suddenly, all children locked up and covered their rumps.
#6 Wed August 9, 2017 18:36

Jac Ranger
It's Morphing Time!
Now that's a whale of a tale. XD Awesome animation and great story to go with it! Giant spankings hopefully become a thing!
#7 Wed August 9, 2017 19:28

Wow!!! this is epic, 32 frames is a huge amount for this type of animation. I love all the action. I doff my hat to a fellow animator with a hell of a lot more patience...XD
#8 Wed August 9, 2017 19:31

Shadow Artist
Well, I didn't draw all 32 frames from scratch.

For those interested in the technicalities:
I drew 9 different versions of struggling mermaid,
6 different versions of squirming tentacles and
4 different versions of ship and wave.
Afterwards I arranged them in differen ways to get to a total of 32 frames.
#9 Wed August 9, 2017 19:41

Demonic princess
Awesome one, Zero ! I really like it ! And the story going with it is well done !
#10 Wed August 9, 2017 20:33

According to the look of the ship, they aren't have any way to record it x)

May be really noisy to be close of that giants so ^^

As always, it is excellent
#11 Wed August 9, 2017 22:50

Lizardopholus Pervi
It's a 'kraken' good pic and a 'kraken' good story to go with it!
#12 Thu August 10, 2017 13:13

Super Kami Guru
Gold Member
This was completely epic! I'm all versions of the word. Giant spanking and animated, so cool.
#13 Thu August 10, 2017 14:07

Gold Member
I am Kraken,
I am vast,
roam through
ageless eons past.

I am Kraken,
I spank well
all the swim throughout
ocean swell.

Long forgotten though I lay,
I am Kraken
when I waken
you shall cry.
#14 Thu August 10, 2017 15:05

The spanker of Mewtwo
Ao fifth teen monute each frame.
#15 Thu August 10, 2017 19:36

I love this one. I generally like drawings with a little story and this one is just great.

Are you going to draw one of the scenes before the spanking as well?
#16 Thu August 17, 2017 06:58

Shadow Artist
No, I'll probably leave this as a stand-alone animation.
I'm pretty satisfied with this how it is now.
#17 Thu August 17, 2017 16:29

animation is awesome
#18 Sun November 29, 2020 11:05

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