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"Ugh" Fang uttered as she was knocked unconscience by a large creature.

That left Lighting and Vanille left to fight the monster. Luckily Lightnig was quick on the draw and killed the monster be fore any more damage was done.

Once the action was over Vanille went to the lifless body of Fang and gave her a pheonix down, reviving the raven hair girl.

"sorry Fang. I guess I lost track of how much damage everyone had taken" Vanille said in her cute little accent. (eastern Australian)

"Vanille I can't help but notice this is happening alot it seems I haven't finnished a fight on my feet in while." Fang answered in the same accent as he friend.

"I'm really sorry. I just get sidetracked is all." Vanille quipped not able to look Fang in the face.

"Well if it happens again I'm going to make sure it doesn't happen from then on, understood?" Fang said taking Vanille's chin in her hand, making the smaller girl look at her.

Vanille nodded and the two rejoined the group. Vanille knew Fang would make good on her promise. Fang was very strong. her raven hair and the way she wore her blue sari, Knee high boots, and just the way she carried herself she was very formidable.

On the Archlytte Steppe on Gran Pulse the group made their way towards their destination, lightning and fang leading the way. Unfortunatly this was home to numerous wild life and once again the party found themselves in a fight.

it was a tiger type creature with large fangs, and various other blades and spikes occuring naturally on its body.

Once the battle began the creature targeted Fang from the beginning. for what ever reason it did not like the woman and all of its attacks were focused on her, even as Lightning and Vanille attacked it.

Once again Vanille had her head in the clouds. she was just happy to be back on Gran Pulse and was marvelling at the world she once called her home. Suddenly someone called out for help.

Vanille quickly galnced and saw Lightning getting up from a recent attack. Vanille assumed she was the one who called for help and used all of her magical ability to heal her.

"VANILE!!!!!" what are you doing?!!!" Fang shouted as the creature came in once again on Fang.

with one swipe of its claw, it was enough to knock fang out, leaving lightning and Vanille to finish it off.

After the battle wasover, Lightning and Vanille walked over to Fangs unconscience body laying on the grassy Steppe.

Lightning was a former soldier in the Sanctum Gaurdian Corps so she wore the white Santum GC uniform with brown belt and a brown skirt. She had a half cape flowing down her back and her strawberry hair glistened in the sunny afternoon.

"well are you going to revive her?" Lightning asked

"well....I don't really know." Vanille hesitated.

"Vanille. You know you have to. if you don't I will and then I'll tell her that you left her to lay on the steppe. what do you think will happen then?" Lightning said.

Vanille let out a high pitched moan of dread as she bent down and gave Fang another Pheonix down.

It took Fang a minute to get up and catch her bearings but it was quicker than Vanille would have liked. Fang wasted no time.

"Lightning would you mind telling the others to wait up while I go deal with this?" Fang said.

Lightning nodded as she turned and went back to where Snow, Sazh, and Hope were waiting.

"Vaille come with me...now!" Fang commanded.

Vanille took fang's hand as the bigger girl led her away. Vanille was already starting to cry as Fang led her out of sight of the others.

Lightning was sitting with the others when they could all hear Vanille crying out from the pain of the spanking. everyone knew what was going on.

"Guess thats what happens when you have kids" Sazh said as he played with the baby chocobo that lived in his hair.

"Yeah well me and Serah have decided that when we have a family of our own, we won't spank our kids." Snow said.

"Don't say that. you don't know what its like to have kids. Serah is my sister after all and I can tell you that she was indeed spanked when she needed it." Lightning said.

"So uh I guess that means you were spanked then too huh lightning?" Snow said

"Wouldn't you like to know." Lightning retorted coldly.

"Guys you all seem to be forgetting that Vanille is 19" Hope said.

"She should know better then." Lightning answered.

"Hey I'm gonna go for a walk while we wait. I'll be back." Hope said.

"Don't wander to far." Snow said.

Hope nodded and then took off. he made sure no one was watching and he made his way towards the sound of Vanille's crys. no one knew it but he found vanille very attractive and wanted to get a look at her"compromsing" position for himself.

Slowly he made his way towards her crying. he found a large rock that he could hide behind and see everything.

There she was. bent over another rock, her short dress pulled to one side exposing her small, cute ass. Hope could not beleive his eyes. as a boy of only 14 he would have been the envy of his classmates if they only knew what he was seeing now.

Fang had found a small stick and was switching Vanille with it. As each strike landed Vanille would tense up and bounce fromt he sharp pain. Her cries carried all over the Steppe. Hope could make out little welts all ready beginng to form.

"Vanille, I don't to have to do this again. Make sure you pay attention to what your doing." Fang said sternly but lovingly as she switched Vanille. the smaller girl cried out but she also nodded her head in aggreement.

Hope could feel a bulge in his pants. he had never seen anything so hot in his life. he could not take his eyes off of Vanille getting her punishment.

suddenly a small bird appeared right in front of his face. It was Sazh's baby chocobo. It let out a small cry and frantically began flying around.

Then Hope felt a sharp whack to the back of his head. Before he could fall to the ground he felt a strong hand grab his arm and lead him out from behind his cover.

"So you like what you see do ya?" Lightning said. Hope could barely make out what she said as he was stilled dazed from the smack to the head.

Lightning brought Hope up on Fang and Vanille. Fang meanwhile did not stop her vanille's punishment.

"We got a little perv here Fang. once your done with Vanille then take care of this one will you?" Lightning asked.

"Yeah sure, make sure he don't run off then. I'm almost done with this one"

"Oh Shit" hope thought to himself....



Registered: January 2008
Location: It's a long, long way to tipperary
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Date: Fri April 2, 2010
Views: 9,166
Tags: 18
Filesize: 281.1kb
Dimensions: 1000 x 800
Keywords: final fantasy xiii vanille hope fang lightning chocobo switching spanking

another final fantasy peice. but I just got FF XIII and I loved that game. while playing it so many spanking scenarios kept running through my head. so there might be more along these lines enjoy
#1 Fri April 2, 2010 22:07

Dr. Weird
First words out of Fang's mouth when they reunite: "Do you know how worried I was about you? We're going to have a long talk later, missy." I shit you not.

My roommate was terribly puzzled why that line made me snicker.
#2 Fri April 2, 2010 22:14

Yup I remember. thats why I thought this pairing was the best one to start out with.
#3 Fri April 2, 2010 22:44

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this way when I heard Fang say that to Vanille when they finally reunited. Hehe. I suddenly feel less alone!
#4 Sat April 3, 2010 01:07

~Sweetest Cyanide~
I wonder how much Mozilla paid for that little bit of advertorial?
#5 Sat April 3, 2010 09:14

nice one, that would spice up the game a lot. (i found it to be quite boring with the pointless storyline)

@Dr Weird: I thought exactly the same when i watched that cutscene - someone is going to get a sore bottom
#6 Sat April 3, 2010 09:48

Karnacht av Visp
AotK's Resident Slasher Movie Villain
I think this was on nearly every gamer's mind when Fang mentioned having a 'talk' with Vanille later. I know I can't even play it now without thinking of zometing like this.

Nice work!
#7 Sat April 3, 2010 15:57

Senior Member
#8 Sat April 3, 2010 16:37

Rumple's naughty bundle
FF XIII has so many potential. And I also trought Vanille would need one..but from Shaz. Hehe. Exellent my friend. Keep them comming!
#9 Sat April 3, 2010 17:08

Bear in mind that a lot of the Characters were based on some of the actions/personalities related to that site.

Although you wouldn't see any spankings anyway,everyone being charmingly shy and all.

Notice Rob wasn't whining about Odin being in the picture.
#10 Sat April 3, 2010 17:20

Thanks guys. I have a few more FFXIII related pics coming to mind. so we will see what jumps out at me first.
#11 Sun April 4, 2010 01:54

Probationary User
#12 Mon April 5, 2010 15:30

Next one, please! And I totally connected the dots when Fang delivered that line...
#13 Sun April 25, 2010 09:38

Fang's line made me giggle, if I was any good at drawing I'd be having Fang spank everyone.. Light for slapping her, Hope for whining the whole time.. Y'know.
#14 Mon April 26, 2010 20:34

First off great picture. And to Sluggy, you could just write a story about it to replace the drawing, just be specific and vivid,visual.
#15 Sat February 18, 2012 18:25

charles wilbourn
Gold Member
very good job. the girl being switched appears very submissive.
#16 Fri July 11, 2014 20:09

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